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Diversity chair chastises Barre City Council, pro-life member – but doesn’t mute him

By Guy Page

At Thursday night’s meeting of the Barre Diversity and Equity Committee, Chair Joelen Mulvaney did not mute pro-life member William Toborg, as she had threatened via email last month. However, she did chastise and cut him off several times.

At its last meeting August 12, three Diversity committee members including Mulvaney denounced Toborg’s pro-life views. Days later Mulvaney in an email  threatened to mute Toborg if he said anything except announce his resignation. 

Thursday’s online Diversity committee meeting was its first since the Tuesday night City Council meeting at which she offered two apologies as many citizens and three councilors expressed concerns about her leadership, particularly the threat to mute Toborg. The council did not act on suggestions to appoint a mediator, but instead urged the committee to try to get along.  

After lengthy delay due to technological issues, Mulvaney Thursday night summarized Tuesday’s meeting with criticism of the council and Toborg:

“We know that the council refuses to help us or put any resources at our disposal to reconcile the obvious rift in our community. 

We know there is an avowed anti-abortion activist who espouses white male supremacist ideology on the committee. In addition that person is a self-described vocal provocateur who used him attacking the school board as evidence. 

We found out that a council member chose to inflame the situation by sharing a private email to the Press instead of contacting the chair or other members. 

We also know that there are people who have absolutely no knowledge of what diversity means in the context of equity work, and neither does the council. However, the good news is that the council has faith that we’ll be able to manage this, so let’s see if we can.”

Their differences emerged when Toborg was seen reading a committee report for which Mulvaney wanted a committee vote. When Toborg said he was glancing over the report, she said, “Oh, c’mon William, you’ve had three months to read it, I’m calling the question, can we please vote, I’m calling the question, all those in favor say aye.” Toborg abstained.

Following Mulvaney’s abrupt shutdown of a citizen offering public comments, Toborg refused to vote yes on a proposed committee name change from the Diversity and Equity committee to the Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee. 

After the name change proposal was raised, Barre resident Josh Howard asked to comment. “Let’s talk about a name change that includes inclusivity and diversity and all that kind of stuff. I find it kind of hypocritical… you speak to the beginning of this meeting, when you’re openly attacking somebody else for their….”

Mulvaney interrupted: “That’s inappropriate. If you want to speak to the issue, you have to speak to these actual words.”

Toborg: I believe he was actually speaking to the appropriate word.”

Mulvaney: “You know, I really don’t want to get into a back and forth about this. So I’m just gonna ask that we speak to the motion, which is to change the name.”

Howard: “Yeah, that’s where we’re at all right. That’s exactly what I was talking about, was the name change. I said I find it hypocritical based on your speech in the meeting where you openly

excluded somebody because how they feel about a ballot item. That’s what I was talking about.”

Mulvaney: “Well I guess I don’t understand. But thank you for speaking.”

Toborg: “I actually believe that our name should reflect what we are all about. Clearly from the comments that the chair made at the beginning of the meeting, we are not about justice. We are not about equity. We are not about diversity. So I would oppose. I know that during the last meeting I said I had no problem with the change. But that was before.”

Mulvaney: “You know, I really don’t need to hash this out with you here, William.”

The committee then approved the name change. After that, they unanimously accepted a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation and agreed on a future meeting date. 

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  2. Jezebel doubles down with her fake authority to bully and harrass others with impunity. I hope they enjoy their moments in the spotlight as it is glaringly obvious the Lord has much work to do here in Pervmont and Little Barrestan. One hand and twenty-four hours is all He requires to bring them all down. I am praying without ceasing for their judgement to come swiftly and justly.

  3. The most important word is inclusion. It means, in laymans terms, listening to allow points of view with an open mind, open ears snd closed mouth. It does not give the receiver of the information the right to tell the speaker they are wrong. It provides the receiver the opportunity to then provide their view, without interruption, just because ine disagrees with the beliefs of another does not grant them permission to EXCLUDE that point of view if the goal is INCLUSION

  4. Remind me again why Barre needs this committee and who proposed it in the beginning. This group of projectionist have no power over any of us. Their motto should be do unto others before they do unto you. Now it’s justice, the key Marxist word used consistently by these agitators. Social justice agitators with imagined power. The Barre council hasn’t the fortitude to get rid of this clown show. Next time around vote these overlords out of the council. This committee is destroying Barre just like they destroy anywhere they gather.

  5. “The only thing necessabory for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    So where are the good people of Barre that see the bogus in this? Are they packing the committee to stand with William and make a strong statement of support?

    Are there any faith groups that see this for what it is? Do they even mention things like this in their settings? It can help to pray, but sometimes God calls us to be the answers to our own prayers. Action is needed too.

    Thank you, William Tolberg, and others like you in governing roles, surrounded by today’s definition of equity that allows a male to wreak havoc in the girls locker room by saying he’s transgender.

  6. The city council needs to remove this woman asap. She represents all the committee is trying to rid in the community.

  7. Good grief. Will the City Council step up and fire this Mulvaney person already. She’s not fit to sit on this committee not to mention serving as Chair. All she demonstrates is her Marxist bully tactics and her inability to be civil towards others with differing views. She’s an embarrassment to the City. Finally, pushing the blame on everyone but herself for the ineffectiveness of the committee (what is actually trying to solve is a mystery too).

  8. I spoke with this woman, as did a friend, as did a coworker, in order to express our opposition to her unconstitutional attempts to silence opposing views. A general consensus was she is unbalanced, a bully, a harasser, highly discriminatory, domineering, and histrionic. Whew. A litany yet accurate.

    She openly professes for “inclusiveness” & “diversity” and shuns any opinion which is not hers & the leftist version of popular ideology. She is the epitome of the conservative’s characterization of the hypocrisy of the far left which is that proclaim “tolerance” whilst shutting down opposing views via any means including illegal means or through intimidation.

    Yet the city continues to allow her to run amuck likely because they themselves fear retribution in some form from her and her allies on the political/social fringes.

  9. Mulvaney, She, Her, SHEESH, what a grouch! She’s a caricature, a personification of woke politics.

  10. Ms Mulvaney’s repeated attacks on Mr Toborg’s Catholicism betrays not only the First Amendment but also the spirit of the Constitution’s Article VI which prohibits any “religious test” for holding office.

    Public officials with that mind-set get in trouble very easily. Does she even think before goading someone in public?

  11. The only thing missing from that new committee name is the word Anti in front of it.

  12. In order for Director Mulvaney to ensure the committee extolls appropriate inclusion and belonging, certain members have to be excluded from belonging.

  13. See something say nothing…. this is what allows this poisonous leftist ideology infecting our society to flourish as well as it does. Consider that America, supposedly the greatest, free-ist, most liberty, most individual independence nation on our planet has people who ACTUALLY THINK THEY CAN SILENCE other people with a differing view point. This sickness plagues our existence. The left want rules, control and obedience as CLEARLY demonstrated here in these reports. These people are a legitimate threat to freedom, liberty, independence and justice for all. They are enemies of America and all it stands for. What they are doing in any public servants position is unbelievably unfathomable. They are the ones who need to be removed from their positions not the one with the opposing view point.

    • Well, my question is who continues to allow this ‘bitch on wheels’ to control the narrative?

  14. Well, I know that I try to be as “diverse” as possible, including using Spanish whenever possible, hereby: Loco en la cabeza. For sure.