Direct action by fuel dealers urged against S.5 sponsors

“Immediately cancel any deliveries of home heating oil”

My friend Stuart Lindberg wrote a comment recently saying, “I am not sure why the members of the VFDA have not ceased all sales and service to the Vermont senators and legislators that are pushing S.5. It is a war and our survival depends on fighting.”

The following people are trying to put you out of business by making it unaffordable for VT families to purchase heating oil for their homes.

S5 has been dubbed the Affordable Heating Act.

It isn’t affordable, in fact it would create incredible hardships on all Vermont homeowners and renters.

The Senators joke about how this will hurt Vermonters.

I wrote an article for Vermont Daily Chronicle a month or so ago titled, You first Legislators.

Here is how you can make that happen:

Immediately cancel any deliveries of home heating oil to every Sponsor of S5.

Christopher Bray

Philip Baruth

Brian Campion

Allison Clarkson

Ann Cummings

Martine Gulick

Ruth Hardy

Mark MacDonald

Richard McCormick

Andrew Perchlick

Kesha Ram Hinsdale

Ann Watson

Rebecca White

Remove them from your delivery schedule immediately and close their accounts. Once you have received full payment tell them to have a nice day.

It would be a good team building experience for them. They can huddle around a campfire cooking smores and singing Kumbaya.

You first legislators. – Jim Sexton, Essex Junction

Editor’s admonishment: “Really, a campfire? Isn’t that just exchanging one source of carbon emissions for another?”

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  1. Dear Editor, please excuse my glaring lack of comprehension of the carbon emissions. It is true a campfire would be hypocritical. Therefore I now change my comment to be more appropriate for these legislators.
    I would suggest they gather around a Lithium powered flashlight that was mined by child slave labor in Southern Africa. ( I don’t approve of these children being abused in any manner, but since many if not all of these Legislators are trying to force unaffordable and inefficient EVs on Vermonters, it was reckless to suggest a
    campfire )
    Might be a good idea to cancel the sing along too, the carbon emissions emitting from their mouths is basically eco terrorism.

  2. Ha ha ha ha! Thank you, Jim, I needed a good laugh. Wonder if any fuel dealers dare to do this? They should!

  3. Absolutely. I wish someone would release the names and d addresses of ALL By house and Senate Democrats. The ones taking parents rights away from their kids, heating oil bills or shall I say everything they’ve done. I mean it’s ok to protest in front of there homes like they do.

    • It’s easy to identify them…they have a D or P next to their names. Coincidentally, those identifying labels are prominently displayed on election ballots, yet the mental pathology of a majority of the voters still maintains them in office…it really is inexplicable.

  4. This embargo should also include Propane and Kerosene. These climate tyrants should show the rest of Vermont the courage of their convictions voluntarily but if they won’t the rest of us peasants should give them a real appreciation of what mandated discomfort feels like.

  5. Ah..Jim..Not so fast. mr.sears, ms. balint and ms. krowinski saw to it that 2022’s S.265, now called Act 103 put severe penalties on criminal threatening, including our esteemed legislators. While your idea has merit, love to see it happen- the legislature further insulated themselves from constitutional interactions with constituents. So, this could land fuel dealers in jail- for two years and a $2000 fine.

    • This isn’t a threat against anyone Frank. I am making it possible for these marxists to prove who they are. If they truly believe in the ignorance of what they are forcing on Vermonters, then have at it. Prove it to all of us.
      My friend Stuart makes the point that shutting off their access to home heating oil is not good enough.
      Prove it members of the Legislature. Shut down their gas Stoves and appliances as well.
      They all want us to believe they are being sanctimonious, I gave them a chance to prove who they really are.

      As far as the Constitution is concerned, All Laws Repugnant to the Constitution are VOID.

      • My goal is to highlight the hypocrisy of the legislature currently, and that seemingly innocuous bills such as Act 103 really are repugnant, have greater consequences than realized and needed to be defeated prior to passage.
        These elitists no doubt consider themselves above the laws they enact, following socialist principles and ideology as Marx and alinsky intended.

  6. Without doubt, many of them think they are far better and smarter than us. That is why they feel the need to force their convoluted and delusional thinking on Vermonters. They are either willfully ignorant of the Constitutions of VT and America or they don’t have the cognitive ability to understand it.
    In particular, Baruth’s irrational fear of guns drives him to constantly attack Law Abiding Vermonters while proactively supporting criminals and placing innocent people in harms way.
    Many if not all of them have violated their oath of office and committed perjury.
    If not for the corrupt State Attorneys, Judges and Prosecutors they would have been removed from the Statehouse.

    • If not for the ignorance and social masochism of a majority of Vermont voters, they would be removed from the statehouse…and we have that opportunity every 2 years.

  7. Is it legal to withhold fuel in that way? Is it wise. Demonstrating at their offices might be a more effective tactic.
    Things are so convoluted that it’s not easy to decipher what to do.

    • Like any business and private property, you have the right to refuse entry and last I knew, you could reject any customer for any reason.. Here in VT it is common to do so ((remember the mask mandate) and say it was not “racist, homophobic or any of the code words they use to say anything but the perfect “F… Off and DIE” to those who would try and destroy. Say it is for “public safety” and you will be fine. It is not convoluted at all they want to tell you what to do. they want you to either leave or DIE…. Emphasis on the DIE part. And they can … as we have seen call the police and have you sited for trespassing. LOOK, NOW YOU HAVE A CRIMNIAL RECORD. See how easy it is done.

      Oh and what is with all these 3 named people commenting.to the positive of these draconian laws and edicts? Last I knew serial killers use all three names so they are just so “special”.

  8. Citizens confronted with oppressively laws sometimes stop submitting and let their obstructive passivity take it’s course. Law abiding acquiescence is not called for here. Your legislators need to here you say “OUCH, YOU HURT ME” out loud.

  9. Cooking smores? Doesn’t that require chocolate? …and wasn’t there a bill proposed by one of these clowns putting a progressive tax on food products that come from afar? As much as we have several chocolate makers that like to affix the Vermont label to market their products, no one anywhere near Vermont is growing cocoa…

  10. Thank you for the list. I have made a copy as one of my senators is on it. He lives less than three miles from me in what appears to be a leaky old house circa 1890s. Can’t believe he expects house owners in Old Bennington to by fuel oil at $6 or $7 a gallon, but maybe he never thought of that.



  12. What a great idea! Makes me want to go out and buy a fuel company just so I could cut them off!

  13. We should confiscate their gasoline cars too. Make them buy the electric cars and see if they can charge their cars anywhere like you can with gasoline cars! BTW, Gov. Scott had to abandon his electric car because he couldn’t get a charge because too many vehicles were ahead of him! So he got picked up with a gasoline car! The driver of the electric car was on the pay role while waiting for the car to be charged, a waste of time and money!!

  14. If CO2 is their true concern, they need to ban all jet travel into and out of Vermont, as well as only allow non-Vermonters to enter when they are driving an EV. And lets up the issue a bit more, the only trucks allowed in must be EV powered, or they have to unload at the state line, for pick up by EV powered trucks. Oh, and don’t forget to require all snow plows to the EV powered. Lets go all the way with this nonsense.

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