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Deadline Friday to apply as ‘public member’ to racial equity task force

Panel to consider legislation to “clarify the path” for prosecuting harassment, hate speech and other bias motivated crimes

JUNE 9, 2020 – Governor Phil Scott today announced the opening of the application for appointment as the public member to the Racial Equity Task Force.

The Task Force, established by Executive Order No. 02-20 on June 1, will undertake three major projects including:

  • Evaluating structures of support for racially diverse populations, including a focus on the racial disparities in health outcomes highlighted by COVID-19;
  • Reviewing current state and federal law on hate speech and freedom of speech and considering changes to state law to clarify the path for prosecuting harassment, hate speech and other bias-motivated crimes; and
  • Studying and presenting options to encourage Vermonters from diverse, marginalized or underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to run and serve in public office at all levels.

The Task Force will be chaired by the State’s Executive Director of Racial Equity Xusana Davis and include up to seven additional members, including one member of the public. It will submit recommendations to the Governor on the first project by August 15 and preliminary recommendations on the second and third by December 15. The group will also provide guidance, as needed by the Governor. 

Those interested in appointment for the public member position should complete the application, which can be found by clicking here, and submit it via email to no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 12.

PHOTO: Protesters at Sunday’s Honour Their Names rally in Montpelier. Page photo

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  1. They left out the formation of a Thought Police Force. Or is use of the word “police” harassment to the listener? Can’t wait to see the parameters for hate speech and bias-motivated crimes. #ALLCRIMESAREHATECRIMES #IBITEBACK #LOL