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Category: Commentary

New farm report is “Ceres in Wonderland”

The report recites some obvious challenges, such as “development pressure on farmland, generational transfer of farm assets, [and] changing consumer preferences and markets”. But in its Vision Statement for 2030 the report wanders off into what might be called “Ceres in Wonderland.” That’s a collection of correct and happy outcomes, an exercise noticeably infused with political correctness.      

Heather is alive

Heather was a force of biblical proportions. She knew she was “fearfully and wonderfully made” in her mother’s womb by the Hand of God. He endowed her with the gift of speaking His word, His truth. She gave us a glimpse of what it will be like to sit in the presence of our Lord and Savior.

Williams: H167 threatens Fish & Wildlife Board

Currently, the Fish and Wildlife board is made up of ordinary Vermonters who are considered practitioners of wildlife management by their peers. They represent a grassroots level of control of a Vermont tradition.  They are not necessarily schooled in the sciences, but represent local, public opinion and their practical views and experience add to the decision making process-not emotion or politics.  The current system of the Fish and Wildlife board is working, so why do we need to fix it?  

Klar: free speech opponents say liberal UVM prof must go

Americans once regarded themselves as sharing agreement on most goals, just differing in desired means.  But “social justice ideology” does not broach dissent: it negates traditional liberalism and free speech protections.  Thus, “liberal” professors will be silenced as readily as conservative speakers such as those at Middlebury College.  “Social justice” ideology behaves much like an institutionalized cult. 

Fernandez: Boys will be girls

Six Dr. Seuss books are now blacklisted, probably never to be published again in the Uptight States of America. It seems that Dr. Seuss, tennis great Martina Navratilova and Vermont female athletes may soon have something uncommon in common.