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Essex-Charlotte ferry to resume Monday

At a Feb. 1 meeting of the Essex County supervisors, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-NY21, said her office had been in touch with the ferry company and reopening the Essex route was a priority. She said the company would be eligible for another round of stimulus — a previous allocation had helpedAlong with reduced business, Stefanik said the company had also had trouble finding adequate help needed to run all its boats. it maintain its routes last year.

Frustrated landowner says he will clear cut proposed Hardwick cell tower site

Days after public outcry prompted AT&T to petition the Public Utility Commission to dismiss its bid for a tower on Buffalo Mountain, landowner Gary Bellavance posted to a forum: “I’ve decided to clear cut Buffalo mountain.” The Bellavance property, he said, spans 40 acres of the Mountain. He wrote “What bothered me most was the fact that people can tell you what to do and how you need to manage your land. This is land I pay taxes on.”

Auditor: state-funded ‘job incentives’ go to Chittenden County businesses that would not have left VT

At least three-quarters of the businesses taking government ’employment incentive’ money to stay in Vermont would not have left the state regardless, a study by Vermont Auditor Doug Hoffer concludes. Furthermore, prosperous, well-employed Chittenden County derives more employment benefit from these programs than the rest of the state combined.