Boycott urged on ‘Defund The Police’ Ben & Jerry’s

Artwork accompanying June, 2020 “Defund The Police” column on the Ben & Jerry’s website.

By Guy Page

A reader of Vermont Daily Chronicle today emailed a link to a June 2020 column on the Ben & Jerry’s website defining and supporting defunding the police. The opinion of our reader – an outspoken conservative activist from Underhill – was characteristically blunt.

“Never buy another tub of Ben and Jerry’s,” she said. “I knew they were foolish, but not this bad. Law and Order helped to make  America great, and will help to keep it so.”

The City of Burlington City Council has attempted to defund police, resulting in reduced manpower. Violent crime reportedly is up. Last weekend, there were (at least) two violent firearms incidents, resulting in at least one injury. Also, in the early hours of Sunday, May 15, a lone police officer broke up one fight in City Hall Park, and then separated two women attacking each other with knives while surrounded by a crowd. The incident occurred a block away from the St. Paul St. location of the original Ben & Jerry’s store.

Most of the June 2020 column is printed verbatim below.

Defund the Police and Invest in Our Communities

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police officers, we’ve been hearing calls in the streets to “defund the police.” For Juneteenth 2020, we thought we’d take a look at the “defund” movement and explain why it offers the best opportunity in generations to completely transform our model of policing and create stronger, safer communities where Black Americans and people of color can finally experience and celebrate true freedom.

What “Defund the Police” Means

“Defund the police” means that we stop spending our tax dollars on so many of the discredited, dangerous, and racist parts of policing and instead invest that money in community-driven solutions that foster real health, peacekeeping, and safety. So, rather than endlessly growing police budgets, loading up on manpower, surveillance, armor, and weapons of war, we’d increase funding for things that people really need, like:

  • Affordable housing
  • Job training
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Mental-health treatment and counseling
  • Substance-use treatment and counseling
  • Childcare
  • Parks and recreation
  • Community centers and libraries

The “defund” movement acknowledges that police are not appropriate or effective responders to homelessness, mental illness, addiction, school discipline, or any number of issues and activities that aren’t criminal and pose no danger to anyone. In fact, relying on the police to “solve” those problems only escalates interactions, resulting in unnecessary conflict. It criminalizes behavior that would be better handled by a professional and compassionate social safety system. 

Enough is enough. We can’t arrest our way out of the challenges that face our communities. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t make us safer—but investing in our communities does.

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  1. Ahem…I MAY have helped with that . Thanks to the wonderful conservative from Underhill for writing in on this subject and “Let’s GO, Ben and Jerrys!!”

  2. Have never purchased or never will, over rated and way way over priced. Will not support their socialist hate America agenda. They are a disgrace to Burlington and Vermont

    • Here’s a rational reason for not buying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream……The outrageous PRICE…..A pint of B & Js of up to $5 per and some places more per pint.

      Even Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren who have told us that it’s greedy corporations’ price gouging that has caused the wicked inflation we now have. Will they now agree to saying “NO” to a pint of Chunky Monkey” and the excess profits generated going to promote “defund the police”?

      And how do Ben & Jerry themselves feel about the greedy pricing on the products baring their names?

  3. If you’ve ever seen their Twitter, you probably can’t not-buy their diabetes any harder than you already do.

  4. No sane person should buy their overpriced Ice Cream. B&J’s and their parent company are the poster children for woke-ism and what the WEF call ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’. They also support the fake ‘White Supremacist on every corner’ narrative, which has now become the White suppression movement.

    Let that company fail and fail hard.

  5. I stopped buying their product right after they made those comments. Haven’t missed their ice cream a bit. There are lots of better choices out there.

  6. One would have to buy it first in order to boycott, correct? Don’t like it, don’t like the ideologies, NEVER buy it.

  7. Just don’t patronize Burlington. Period. The economic losses will be the only thing that can drive change. Unless the business community makes their voices heard, the lawlessness and mayhem in Burlington will continue. It’s just not safe.

  8. To fund all of those things would take more than police budgets. Require the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes, just as working people are required to do.

  9. Ben and Jerry used Vermont for marketing purposes and formerly railed against all those evil multinational corporations…and then sold out to the world’s largest multinational food conglomerates. They are world-class hypocrites. Dont buy their products. When some drunken derelict wanders in to their Church St. scoop shop and causes a ruckus, do they call Howard Human Services instead of the police?

  10. Here’s the conundrum, a couple of old hippies got stoned and mixed up some ice cream in a garage. They used the capitalist system to market their new product. They may have used available agricultural money to help them, I don’t know. Then they built a mini ice cream dynasty in Vermont and started donating and supporting lefty causes. This enticed lot of hippies, tree huggers and other loonies to buy their over priced so so products. This allowed Ben and Jerry to get as radical as possible without burning something down. So, after all the messages about how horrible the corporate enemies of America are, Ben and Jerry sold out for millions to an multinational corporation and used the capitalist system to become rich old hippies. The moral of this story is, they were both full of S___T and figured out a way to pull off the Bernie Sander’s How to become a millionaire socialist/commie, rules for hypocrites.

    • Well said Dano!
      KIngdom Creamery makes great Ice Cream, even a REAL Maple…..Boycott B&J forever!!

  11. Oh and THANK YOU Guy Page for once again giving us information I wouldn’t have known otherwise!!

  12. Please look at Unilever’s website and see the brands they own and their greentard mantras. I didn’t know they owned Hellmans, Dove, Knorr, etc. I will no longer purchase any items affiliated with Unilever now that I see what they are really involved in. Please note their logo has a lot of “symbolism” if you look at it closely.

  13. They wouldn’t like it if a mob attacked their plant, as was the experience of so many struggling business owners during the BLM/Antifa rioting. Would they call the police? Would their hired security stay and defend?

  14. Dano, as an old socialist, I’m calling out the lies perpetuated by people who are too narrow minded to understand the vast conceptualizations encompassed by the label “socialism”. It simply doesn’t mean total govt. control. That being said, if Ben nd Jerry no longer head the company, then it wasn’t their decision to endorse “Defund the Police”. That being said, the campaign is a response to how well many police depts. were able to handle the mobs of BLM/Antifa who were set on destroying as much private property, generating as much poverty, homelessness, etc., as they could, while calling it revolution.
    Maybe people should boycott locals who support it. E.g.: Aaron Diamondstone runs, I believe, a heating/cooling business. Before throwing me out of Liberty Union Party in violation of their own charter, they all berated me for condemning the ruining of the lives of those countless people hit by the looting and vandalism in 2020. Maybe the likes of Diamondstone, whose father founded the Party, should suffer as did the victims in so many cities.

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