McClaughry: Biden’s Ministry of Truth

By John McClaughry

An unforced error is when a politician volunteers or says something stupid and/or politically harmful without realizing its effects. President Biden offered an excellent example of an unforced error when last month when he announced formation of a Disinformation Governance Board, and dispatched Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to build support for it.

John McClaughry

Mayorkas explained  that this new Ministry of Truth “works to ensure that the way in which we address threats, the connectivity between threats and acts of violence are addressed without infringing on free speech — protecting civil rights and civil liberties, the right of privacy.” 

Hogwash. This is a partisan government office created to pass judgment on any speech that might diminish support for the Biden Administration’s program and performance.

Tom Gallatin of Patriot Post said “The great irony here is that the Biden administration seeks to trample all over Americans’ First Amendment rights, using a dubious rationale in order to prevent the promulgation of what they claim are objectionable political opinions.”

“The government’s job is to protect the American public from those who would silence them, not to “protect” them from “disinformation” by silencing them. The government cannot become the absolute arbiter of truth… The Biden administration’s [argument] boils down to an effort to declare to the American public what is and what isn’t “truth. What bigger threat can there be to the Republic than Big Brother monitoring and censoring speech?”

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  1. These charlatans proposing this “Disinformation Governance Board” need to be voted out.
    Is there really anybody that believes the stated reason for a need of such an obvious intrusion on the 1st Amendment ? If there are people who believe this, I’ve got a beautiful bridge in San Francisco I’d be willing to part with real cheap ! Of course you won’t be able to decorate the bridge the way you want to, you will have to get approval from “The Board” !

  2. These are sick puppies. All these lunatics do is lie & lie big time about every issue, and then expect everyone else to be imprisoned for not buying into it & telling the truth.

    First mistake? This is: UNCONSTITUTIONAL (Wonder why they keep trying to trash our founding documents?)

    But here’s some truth that just CANNOT be refuted:

    1.) 2020 election was STOLEN
    2.) These loons are commies
    3.) Biden is demented
    4.) DemocRATS suck
    5.) Biden et alare in violation of the US Constitution

    NOTHING above is refutable.

    And, below I’m very PROUDLY,

  3. As John speaks of “Unforced errors”, one has to go back decades to find an apt comparison to the Biden Administration’s error rate and here it is:

    Mayorkas and Biden make Boston Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner look like a Golden Glove infielder……..Remember the 1986 World Series when a ground ball went between Buckner’s legs ultimately costing the Sox the World Series to the NY Mets?……..It still pains the Sox faithful.

    But, Mayorkas and Biden have unbelievably made Bill Buckner look not that bad. Today the White House announced that the Ministry of Truth has now been shut down or in Mayorkas speak…..”It’s been put on pause.”

    And the Commissar of Truth….. Nina Jankowicz as resigned……..And she was an “expert” the White House Press secretary Jen Psaki told America…….Another “unforced error”

  4. Imagine the time that the Progressives will stop
    trying to gold plating a thur*

    At least they flicked the flush button in time.

    • Did they in fact flick the flush button in time ? I sincerely hope so, but I still will be trying to avoid standing in front of any fans until they are gone !

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