Benning: On to the Big Game!

To the editor:

Graphic credit Joe Benning campaign

Friends, Thank you. We did it. Yesterday, we sent a message that the Vermont Republican Party is not a party of divisive rhetoric or extremist ideology. With your help, we had a strong showing, and now we’re on to the big game.

We will continue on to a victory in November, and together we will bring fiscal responsibility and common sense government to the Lt. Governor’s office.

As Republicans, we must remember we are one party, united in our principles of individual liberty, economic freedom, and the rule of law. There is so much more that brings us together, as Republicans, as Americans, and as Vermonters, than what divides us. Let’s move forward together as one party; one voice; one Vermont.

Joe Benning, GOP nominee for lieutenant governor

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  1. Yeah Joe, so non divisive we allowed a self avowed non-republican to win the nomination to Vermont’s only US House seat. Lacking so much ideology that we lost one of only 3 seats at the national table.

    Go ahead though, pat yourself on the back.

    • I can’t believe republican voters in the state of Vermont what even begin to vote for a Joe Biden supporter.

      I truly believe Benning joined his traitorous buddy Phil Scott to vote for this illegitimate president Joe Biden

      Anyone in the state of Vermont that wants to at least make an attempt to stop the total destruction of our beautiful state needs to vote Joe Benning completely out of office

      The only difference between David zuckerman and Benning is that David zuckerman has a personality that people like.

      Mr Benning when you call conservative republicans insurrectionist and white supremacist I just get a gut feeling your projecting.

      I have always wondered why the doors on the state house are so high and so wide whenever I have attended activities there and now I know the reason.

      It is so Mr Benning could get his head through those doors.

      It’s time for Joe to go

  2. Mr Benning,

    You are a stain on the republican party and what we stand for.

    Of course your goal is on to bigger and better things using people as stepping stones with your rhetoric and propaganda only to achieve your big headed goals.

    You have completely torn our republican party apart..

    You have called yourself a Scott republican when you know yourself Scott is not a republican and he voted for Joe Biden.

    I truly believe you voted for Joe Biden as well in spite of the fact you claim you didn’t.

    Anyone who has been around you long enough knows you are willing to lie to achieve your goals.

    We can never regroup our republican party and come together when we have traitors like you in the midst.

    While we have members of the republican party trying to hold it together you have completely denounced the true conservatives in this party by denouncing our great president Donald Trump along with your riino buddies who refuse to expose themselves.

    If there was anyone in the republican party that went along with your idiotic plan to denounce president Trump that that thinks that was acceptable they should be willing to hang their name on their signature.

    It’s a shame that the rinos do their best work in the dark of night.

    The people on the left that you call players didn’t hesitate very long before posting on twitter what you and our other turncoat senator, Randy Brock, released in a statement about your stab in the back to the best president in recent history Donald Trump.

    I’m going to challenge you to expose every one of these proud rinos that signed that document with their name to your post so we can choose whether we want to vote them into office to destroy us more or to get rid of them completely.

    You know Joe real republicans don’t send people to montpelier Vermont to vote their conscience or side with the socialists who are out to destroy us…

    You do realize that when you did that you became a part of the left wing and any republican with an ounce of respect would denounce you and everyone else that was idiotic enough to sign that petition denouncing president Trump from holding elected office again.

    It is you and the rest of the turn coats in our republican party that have turned their backs on real republicans and allowed this corrupt Biden agenda to be ushered into america.

    Everyone in america but you seems to understand that voting fraud took place in spite of the fact more and more evidence comes out all of the time.

    Before you deny it research it.

    I love your little speeches when you say the republicans have circled the wagons and are shooting at themselves…

    No….what happened is the traitors in the republican party who call themselves the Scott republicans formed a circle around real republicans and fired the shot heard around the republican party..

    Joe, anyone with an ounce of common sense would not support you in the general election because you do not represent republicans..

    If you are in the republican party and you believe in conservative republicans just remember….

    Joe Benning has called us insurrectionists and white supremacists….

    And God knows what else behind our backs when he’s speaking to his RINO and socialist buddies under the dome of gloom.

    God knows what he has planned for us with his leftie friends that he calls the players…

    Joe Benning is a sellout to the republican party…

    A vote for Benning is a vote for more destruction in the state of Vermont

    Vermonters wake up…

    There is nothing worse than a political candidate selling us out from within our own party.

    It’s time to get rid of these people that are selling us out.

    Vermonters wake up

  3. Divisive and extremist,
    Nothing is more divisive than liberalism itself.
    Something that benning agrees with
    He wants class conflict, he wants race conflict, he wants sex conflict because that’s how he makes money.

  4. Mr. Benning is ready to move on to the “big game”?
    Neither the election nor the legislature is a “game” although both are treated as such by he and many other legislators. His views are more compatible with the democratic socialists inhabiting the state house. Benning seems to be too comfortable under the golden dome of liberalism, portraying himself as something else. His ‘win’ is not a win for Vermont’s economy nor it’s citizens.

    • I truly believe Benning thinks it’s a game because he calls all of his cronies on the left and the right players.

      As a matter of fact part of this pitch to be elected to represent the socialists in the state of Vermont was it he knew all the players..

      Joe you don’t represent one iota of republican values you’re a disgrace to the republican party.

      At least dave zuckerman has a personality.

      Just say no to Joe

  5. this is just a stepping stone for Joe; career politician in the making…….it is time for TERM LIMITS
    everyone in our state who cares about our future has to be able to see what no limits has created in our government …COS needs to be called for this one and only issue …TERM LIMITS, no muddying the water with other issues…..and term limits would include being paid well, and going home WITHOUT a LIFETIME PAYCHECK……..so save some for the future……

  6. This douchebag is almost as bad as Zuckerman. They both suck and run to be served, not to serve the citizens of vermont.

  7. There are no Republicans.
    There are no Democrats.
    There is only Patriots and Progressives.

    I only vote for Patriots.

  8. Another Republican “No” Vote on Joe. When you called your fellow Republicans traitors, you lost me.

  9. I applaud Mr. Benning for boasting and rooster strutting as if he has all ready won it all and no one will ever find out what he has done. Continue on Mr. Benning, God is watching and judgement is coming for you and your co-conspirators. Nothing can stop what is coming.

  10. My GOD people ! Put down your swords. The contrast between the number of D and R candidates on the primary ballot was discouraging to say the least, and bottom line is, the Democrats are raising more money and standing up more candidates. Maybe some of the people chiming in with their expert advice and opinions and emotions should step up and run for office themselves. Is there really such a thing as a ‘perfect candidate”?

    A non-vote is basically a vote for Zuckerman so those of you stating that, are going to be supporting Zuckerman’s campaign. Have any of you trashing Joe, ever had a face-to-face conversation with him? Accusing him of voting for Biden when you don’t ‘know’ how he voted is slander. I do believe the country was doing great under Trump even though the Swamp was doing everything they could to take him down (and still are…) But there was another candidate on the ballot besides Trump and Biden who was is a terrific candidate and IMO, likely the only candidate who could have united the parties. Libertarians are conservative too. So now you are all googling 2020 Presidential candidates. LOL Read her Manifesto.

    Everyone is entitled to their own ideas of what Republicans should support or not support. I have heard rubbish such as: “If you didn’t vote for Trump, you’re not a Republican” or “If you support abortion, you’re not a Republican”. Those are your personal values and do not represent the party’s core tenant values. Many good conservative everyday working people do not deserve to be scorned and labeled RINO if they do not agree with your personal values.

    Likely, my comment will trigger more nasty displays of hate and anger, but this is my takeaway and I believe this is the message we need to embrace now and in November in order to get Zuckerman to stand down. Put personal animosity aside and focus first on the party. I do believe others feel the same and are just too shy to chime in on this hot mess.

    “As Republicans, we must remember we are one party, united in our principles of individual liberty, economic freedom, and the rule of law. There is so much more that brings us together, as Republicans, as Americans, and as Vermonters, than what divides us. Let’s move forward together as one party; one voice; one Vermont.”

  11. Benning voted twice for Prop 5 as a State Senator. The destruction of the unborn anytime, anywhere by anyone. He said he will vote for Article 22 in Rockingham at a Republican forum.
    Article 22 gives the ” State ” the right to take your child of any age to sexually, chemically, physically and psychologically destroy them.
    Doesn’t quite fit in the Republican Platform does it ?

    • Actually Act 47 passed in 2019 already allows abortion up to the point of birth so Article 22 is not necessary and will add complexity to reproductive freedoms as well as add cases to the Supreme Court docket. Personally I cannot support Prop 5. Fallout will be a hot mess down the road. As a trial lawyer he must be aware of the consequence and will vote his conscience. We have until November so actual in person conversations and Q&A campaign forums can be helpful. It’s important to know why someone is against or in favor of this proposal before going at them with torches and pitchforks. If we don’t like the answers we can write you in Jim 🙂 You are a leader and a Patriot and I do respect those who stand up for what they believe in. (I attended your Support the Police rally when Antifa showed up. Thought I was going to need bail money before it was over. Young people being lead down the wrong path. Sad)

      Party aside, everyone is entitled to their own values and opinions when it comes to individual liberty including reproductive liberty. Thus House and Senate approval for Prop 5 to be on the ballot.

      Donahue is acting as a liaison for Vermonters for Good Government:
      “It’s more focused on saying, people have a right, under good government, they have a right to understand what it is they’re voting for. We really believe that most pro-choice perspectives, if they understood the full scope of what’s being proposed, Article 22 would not be consistent with their perspective. Not for everyone but for a large percentage…” (R) Anne Donahue

      Voters need to know what it is they’re voting for.