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Barre crack bust / 99 MPH on I-91 / Suicide on I-89 

Barre Police Dept. photo courtesy of Newport Dispatch

Crack, fentanyl and firearms were found in a car stopped in Barre on March 4.

According to Barre police reports, police initiated a traffic stop on Merchant Street for an observed registration violation. Throughout the course of the stop, police say that probable cause was established to search the vehicle.

A search of the vehicle and everyone inside was conducted. Police say they located a firearm, several dozen rounds of ammunition, several bags of suspected crack cocaine, loose crack cocaine, and several bags of suspected fentanyl.

The individuals were arrested and cited to appear in court at a later date. At this time, police have not released the names of those arrested.

99 MPH through Windham County — A 26-year-old woman from Brattleboro was arrested for excessive speeding in Windham County on Thursday.

Police say a deputy observed a vehicle traveling up behind him at 99 miles-per-hour in the posted 65 miles-per-hour speed zone on I-91 South at around 12:10 p.m.

Jillian Valerio was identified as the driver, and cited to appear in court at a later date. She was also issued a ticket for the civil speeding violation, which carries a potential waiver penalty of $517.

Suicide on I-89 median — Police say a suicide took place inside a vehicle on I-89 in Colchester on Thursday.

Authorities were first notified of a vehicle in the median of the interstate at around 4:35 p.m.

The driver of the vehicle was transported to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, where he was pronounced deceased. Following an investigation, police are saying that the man died by suicide as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

One lane of I-89 south was closed for approximately 45 minutes as a result of this incident.

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  1. Vermont has become an easy mark for Drug runners

    Maybe they have heard of the Vt “Prosecutors” and “Judges”
    who think Drugs are just for fun.

    “No Problem” to be caught and charged in Vermont !!

  2. Washington County – Barre City. Just look at the represenation and the party affiliation of each elected official and their track records. Crime increasing, poverty increasing…all under their direct representation. Build back better with crack pipes, drugs, ammo, and weapons. The parties of anarchy are well embedded.

  3. Despair at a situation that is unending is a natural and sane response.
    Why do people automatically connect suicide with drugs?
    Despair is written on every Vermont face now and we must prepare ourselves for more of this.
    How about covering teen suicides in Vermont?
    That the adult population is also now showing up (this would not have been reported at all except a lot of people saw the car on the median and it had to be explained) as a suicide statistic should be alarming.
    How can we create a Vermont worth staying alive for from day to day?
    Right now, its a den of despair, no hope, and ongoing tryanny of interference in our lives.
    When is enough enough?

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