Barre baby died of fentanyl poisoning, parents charged

Obituary photo of Christopher Wicker, Jr.

by Guy Page

According to his obituary, Christopher Wicker Jr. was six months old when he died at his home in East Barre on May 3, 2022. Now his parents have pleaded innocent to involuntary manslaughter and other charges after, police say, a fentanyl-laced bag was found stuck in his airway.

According to WCAX and Times-Argus media reports, Christopher Wicker, 34, and Brianna Wicker, 25, pleaded innocent in Washington Superior Court Monday, October 3 to involuntary manslaughter and child cruelty with death resulting. 

Police had to wait several months for test results from an out-of-state toxicology lab. The results say that a small bag – drug paraphernalia – was found in the victim’s throat, but that a high concentration of an illegal drug cocktail of fentanyl, para-fluorofentanyl and the veterinary tranquilizer xylazine was the child’s actual cause of death. 

“The cause of death was an acute intoxication of mixed drugs… There was a foreign object consistent with what is commonly seen as packaging of narcotics that was found in the child’s throat,” Barre Police Chief William Dodge said, according to the Times-Argus.

The couple was released after arraignment. 

In a May 6 GoFundMe page (since removed), Brianna Wicker sought financial support for their son’s funeral service, saying “he passed away on May 3, 2022. It is still unknown as to why. Our boy was sick, but we thought he was better. He was the happiest and most beautiful baby.”

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  1. I have been hearing this story, and now see the photo of the sweet baby. Breaks my heart. I have been wondering how the “bag” got into his throat. All I can think is that he was able to pick it up and tried to chew on it, which would be a typical thing for a six month old to do. Then-the question is “where were the parents?” I guess we can fill in the blanks. I’ll refrain from saying what I think should happen to the parents.

    • The “parents”, more accurately the progenitors, were writhing in their opioid bliss and completely unaware of the presence and vulnerability of their child. The little one must have been nearby the junkies and unrestrained when they chose to simultaneously indulge and leave their deadly residue accessible. At least they could have taken turns in turning on, but this is yet another demonstration of the utter selfishness and incognizance of the hard-core opioid junkie. Of course, some blame goes to the democrat establishment that allows the unfettered flow of these lethal poisons across our porous southern border. Someone should present this story to our president so he can see the face of the poor, young victim of his policies.