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Guy Page

Guy Page is the editor and publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Miro’s Mea Culpa

Yesterday’s announcement that Burlington racial equity director Tyeastia Green would oversee the policing study comes just two days after Mayor Miro Weinberger said it would be conducted by another city official. The decision to perform the assessment was made last summer, in the midst of civic unrest that began with the killing of George Floyd. Weinberger announced his decision to reinstate Green in a public mea culpa.

Spotlight: pandemic, fraud caused $300 mil plunge in unemployment fund

Heading into 2020, Vermont had one of the most solvent unemployment insurance (UI) trust funds in the country. Indeed, Vermont’s unemployment rate was the lowest in the nation, and there were far more people paying into the fund drawing down from it. However, that all changed with the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, policymakers are scrambling to determine how to get out of their current predicament.

House ponders Dr. Dynasaur for illegal immigrants, licensing contractors, Winooski non-citizen voting

the READABLE Tuesday, March 16 Journal of the House of the Vermont House of Representatives, edited, abbreviated, and faithfully translated from the original Parliamentary, includes information about Dr. Dynasaur health care for illegal immigrant children, non-citizen voting in Winooski, and allowing child care as a campaign expense, and registering and licensing contractors.

Vermont high school students say remote learning lonely, stressful

Dustin Beloin from North Country Career Center spoke at a ‘town meeting’ Monday night about the challenges he experienced with online learning. “One of the biggest struggles for me was staying connected. At home I struggled with Wi-Fi, living in rural Vermont. I have always been a straight ‘A’ student, but missing the connection to teachers took a toll on me. As a hands-on-worker, sitting behind a computer for 8 hours a day with no physical connection to teachers and classmates was really hard.”