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Guy Page

Guy Page is the editor and publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Left eager for another Sedition Act

Today the militant Left is keen to revive a Sedition Act to imprison anyone who gets too far out in front spreading “misinformation” criticizing the Biden Administration, or employing extralegal tactics to suppress free speech as the Sedition Acts did.  We’ve done that twice, and both were dark chapters in this land of liberty.

Have lunch with Dana Perino

The Ethan Allen Institute, in partnership with Mass Fiscal Alliance, is sponsoring a virtual (Zoom) event with former press secretary for George W. Bush, current Fox News host, and author of the newly released Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman), Dana Perino.

Warner: The Case for Easter

The celebration of Christmas culminates from the miraculous advent of His being born of a virgin under hostile circumstances.  The second a crescendo of God’s ability to take even death itself and turn it into the most victorious moment in human history. 

Vermonters turn to independent schools

While Vermont public school officials are carping about returning to the classroom post Covid, calling for higher taxes to pay for their pensions, and are otherwise consumed with controversies over mascot names and what flags get to fly on school grounds, Vermont families have been driving an interesting trend – using Vermont’s 150 year old school choice “tuitioning” program to put their kids into independent schools.