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Guy Page

Guy Page is the editor and publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Scott, Levine asked: during 2020 pandemic leadership, what would you have done differently?

“It may be a little too early to look back. We’re still looking forward,” Scott said. “At this point in time, we’re doing everything we think is right. There are times we don’t make the right decisions, but we are learning from others. I think we have done a pretty good job here in Vermont, due to Vermonters being compliant and following the guidelines.”

No pardons from guv – yet

Under Vermont law, governors may issue pardons. Gov. Phil Scott has a page on his website dedicated to applying for pardons. But as yet, Scott has yet to pardon anyone during his four years in office. But, he said at a press conference this Tuesday, he’s thinking about it.

A Little Boy’s Wish

It wasn’t until late into the third hour that a delightful, seven-year-old boy, dressed in corduroys and a blue sweater over a white shirt, came up and asked the aging Santa, “Is there any hope that my mother and father could be together at my house on Christmas morning?”

The Case for Christmas

Many of us know the songs or have seen the plays and pageants. We’ve driven by the nativities, admired the lights on both houses and trees. In a year where songs have all but stopped being sung and lights threaten to go out around every corner, the Jesus of Christmas is needed now more than ever.