Another alleged fentanyl dealer cited and released

By Guy Page

A 38-year-old man was cited to appear in court for fentanyl and crack cocaine distribution and then released in Brattleboro Wednesday, September 13 – the second alleged dealer or illegal, lethal drugs to be released in southeastern Vermont this week. 

By contrast, a man who reportedly shot at another person was jailed and held overnight pending a court appearance the next day. 

Officers with the Vermont Drug Task Force arrested Damar Bruce Ausby, of Brattleboro, on charges related to the sale of narcotics.

Ausby is charged with distributing both fentanyl and crack cocaine in the Brattleboro community. He was arrested and processed at the Brattleboro Police Department and released on a citation to appear in court to answer the charges.

Earlier this week, police also cited to appear in court and released a Springfield man after charging him with narcotics distribution.

Jailed, cited to appear in court next day after arrest for shooting from roadway – On September 13, state police arrested, jailed, then cited to appear in court the next day a Wardsboro man who reportedly was shooting at another person from the roadway. 

State police on Sept. 6 investigated a reported dispute in August between Justin Wimer, 47, of Wardsboro and another individual that involved Wimer shooting from a roadway. There were no reported injuries.  from this. On Sept. 13, Wimer agreed to meet with police and was arrested for First Degree Aggravated Domestic Assault, Aggravated Disorderly Conduct, Reckless Endangerment, and Shooting from a Roadway. Wimer was then transported to the Westminster Barracks for processing and lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility on $5,000 bail. He was issued a citation to appear in court the next day.

Cited, released after arrest for crashing into interstate weigh station gate – A Connecticut man who police say was driving drunk and in possession of a controlled substance was cited and released after he crashed his 2018 GMC Terrian into a locked entry gate to the weigh station off Interstate 91 in Guilford. 

The crash occurred on Interstate 91 northbound at mile marker 1 at 10 pm September 13. Matthew Erdos, 40, was cited to appear in court for DUI and possessing a controlled substance and released. 

Cited, released after speeding while using cannabis – Vermont State Police say Joseph McGinnis, 43, of Milton was speeding and driving while under the influence of drugs. He was stopped on Bombadier Drive in Milton at 4:30 PM September 13.  McGinnis was placed under arrest for Driving Under the Influence and transported to the Milton Police Department for processing, then released with a citation to appear in court to answer the charge of DUI-Drugs.

Alleged Bolton Valley burglar cited, released – At 2 pm Sept. 8, state police received a report of two individuals that broke into several locations at the Bolton Valley Resort. Troopers identified one of the accused as Jessica Kimball (40) of North Bennington. While speaking with Kimball, Troopers say they were able to locate her vehicle and recover some of the stolen items. She was arrested for Grand Larceny and transported to the Williston Barracks for processing. At the conclusion of processing, Kimball was cited to appear in court in October to face charges of Grand Larceny, Burglary and Possession of Stolen property. 

In VDC’s review of state police press releases this week, the only property crime arrest resulting in immediate jail, pending arraignment in two days, was an alleged first-degree arson by a homeowner in Strafford

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  1. We can thank our Legislators and liberal judges for the drug problem and surge of crime in Vt. Catch and release has worked well here and in other blue states to raise the crime rates!

    • Betty, with all respect you need a civics refresher. The police dept.’s responsibility is to collect evidence necessary to make a valid arrest. It’s then is handed over to the Windsor/Windham County State’s Attorney’s office for prosecution. Based on the crime, the State’s Attorney can choice to release with or without bail, or hold until trial. .
      Each Vermont county’s State Attorney is elected. The exact reason we have catch and release of Fentanyl dealers is because the Vermont Republican Committee fails to recruit ELECTABLE, law & order candidates! I believe in the last Windsor County election progressive, Goodenough ran unopposed. If Vermonters want change it has to start with revamping the Republican committee and it’s platform.

      • NEKPatriot – but the SA’s, Judges and Cops are bound by bail/release laws that are passed by the Legislators. The fix needs to start under the Golden Dome…

      • Thank you for the comment. You are right that these Judges and States Attorneys are elected, which goes to the point, this state has far too many of them here that do the injustices.

      • This is not as easy as it sounds because of the endless national media attacks on all concervatives and Republicans, as extremists, radicals and nationalist. I am a moderate Republican and have been attacked by teanagers and spit on. My husband watched one senior be attacked during a Veterans Day parade for having an American flag on his vintage vehicle because some crazy progressive thought the car parade was political, which it wasn’t. The parade occurred was post the presidential election. There were no political flags or advertising. I ran for office as a write in candidate and was harassed by people in a restaurant for just saying I was a Republican. We will have a one party system because that is what is being engineered by the media and politicians and activists that control the media.

  2. Yes, this is the justice system in VT, they let this person walk, maybe while he’s
    out he’ll try some of his illegal products and he’ll put an end to this saga !!

  3. Great chance to meet up with the other one released. An opportunity for each to have a mutual drug deal gone bad with the usual consequences. Now who would deny us this spectacle and take the need for a VT justice to spin its magic with a trial and incarceration( I mean a release on his own recognizance.)

  4. He deals drugs fortified with fentanyl. How many overdoses is he responsible for? How many deaths? And we let him walk. There is something very badly wrong with this system.

  5. Progressives obsess about victims of addiction and the overdose death toll but will not admit it is their own border policies which facilitate the flow of deadly fentanyl and it’s precursors into our country…the death toll nationally is about 100,000/year now.
    Our porous border is killing Americans and using up a lot of affordable housing in an already short supply. What is wrong with the democrat party and the people who contribute to and vote for them???

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