Alleged stalker injures second cop in two weeks, then released by judge / Retail theft suspect pulls knife on cops

by Guy Page

A man violating a no-stalking order in Burlington injured a Burlington police officer for the second time in two weeks, Burlington police say.

Responding officers encountered Djibril Ngabo, 30, who address is listed as “undomiciled,” at Oakledge Park and Oakledge Drive at 9 AM on September 27. He approached officers with a brick in his hand and did not initially follow officers’ commands to drop the brick. Officers continued to negotiate with him and ultimately he did so. 

Officers then went to take him into custody at which point he resisted arrest, injuring an officer in the process. Since September 14, Ngabo has had 17 interactions with Burlington law-enforcement officers. The incidents show a pattern of trespassing, stalking individuals, and being aggressive with law-enforcement officers. This is the second time Mr. Ngabo has injured an officer in the past two weeks. Ngabo was arraigned September 28 and released by a judge.

Retail theft suspect pulls knife on police – Newport Police Department arrested a local man with previous retail theft arrests last Tuesday who now faces multiple charges including retail theft, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Thomas Cloney (surveillance photo)

Police say Thomas Cloney, 39, of Newport, was apprehended on Tuesday, following a report of theft from a Main Street business around 10:15 a.m. Cloney is charged with one count of retail theft, two counts of resisting arrest, and one count of disorderly conduct.

The store’s video surveillance identified Cloney as the primary suspect. Around 11:30 a.m., officers located Cloney near Prouty Campground. However, upon being approached, Cloney attempted to escape on foot. He was located again shortly after, during which he pulled out a knife and held it by his side. In response, an officer drew his weapon and successfully ordered Cloney to disarm, leading to his subsequent arrest.

The Newport Police Department is no stranger to Cloney, as he has previously faced charges related to retail theft. Following his arraignment in the Orleans District Court on the same day, Cloney was released on personal recognizance. Conditions of his release include a prohibition from returning to the store involved and a ban on possessing dangerous weapons.

On September 29, Barre police and other police raided a home along the 800 block of N. Main Street in Barre and seized felony amounts of crack cocaine, regulated pills, evidence of sales, and a large sum of cash.

Body-cavity search finds narcotics on Springfield, MA suspect – Sue Austin, 57, John Mason, 58, and Shawn Braley, 40, all from Barre, and Hector Lopez, 25, from Springfield, MA were arrested on charges of possession of cocaine, possession of regulated drugs, fentanyl trafficking, and dispensing out of a dwelling. Lopez was further charged with transportation of regulated drugs into a prison as he was found to have concealed a large quantity of narcotics in a body cavity upon processing at the correctional center.

Lopez was lodged at the Northeast Correctional Facility in lieu of $25,000 bail and is due to appear in court today. Austin and Mason were flash-cited to appear today and Braley to appear November 9.

Busted at the mall – Quentin Dingle, 38, was arrested for fentanyl trafficking and cocaine possession Sept. 26 as he was leaving the University Mall in South Burlington, Burlington police said Thursday, Sept. 28. 

Church bomb threats a hoax, state police say – Following emailed bomb threats Sunday morning to several Vermont churches, the Vermont State Police said yesterday it is aware of “ongoing bomb threats to various critical infrastructure and key resource sectors in the State of Vermont.” 

The threats are received via email and report, “The bombs will blow up in a few hours. Many people will die.” These emails are sent from various accounts originating from Affected groups are encouraged to report these incidents to local law enforcement in their area. No suspicious items or authentic threats have been discovered at this time.

These nationwide hoax campaigns are frequently reported throughout the US and cause disruption to day to day activities in schools, houses of worship, and businesses. The Vermont State Police encourage Vermonters to alert law enforcement if:

  • If you see a package, backpack or any other item left unattended.
  • If you witness someone taking pictures of infrastructure items, access points, or other security related activities.
  • If you witness the same car and/or person parked in a sensitive location.
  • If you see behavior that strikes you as odd or out-of-place.

Please report suspicious activity through the See Something, Say Something program: 844-84-TIPS (844-848-8477),, or text VTIPS to 274637 (CRIMES).

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  1. The Burlington thug and the Newport thief should be put on a non-stop bus to anywhere far away and eliminate the problem. Courts refuse to jail them and the cops are sick of dealing with them. Let them become someone else’s problem.

    • Reminiscing about the old “westward ho” program of 30+ years ago where some Burlington businesspersons paid the bus fare for any of the local vagrants who wanted to broaden their horizons to “somewhere else”…

  2. Our catch and release Justice system appears not to be working very well. P we pole with multiple violent acts need a different style of Justice for their own safety and that of others.

  3. “people” not “P we pole” … I hate typing on a phone keyboard.

  4. Aside from the euphemisms of an “undomiciled” person who has had 17 “interactions” with police, including physical attacks in just over two weeks…might we also get the name of this bleeding heart judge who exercised irrational judgment in meting out no real judgment?

    • We can fantacize about having judges be elected, but what difference would it make? We elect our State’s Attorneys and still put the same vile moonbats back in office.

  5. We have a housing crisis in this state and we can’t hold a brick to build more?

  6. Some years ago there was a judge in New York City who was called “Cut ‘em Loose Bruce” by the media.

  7. What kind of idiot releases a man who doesn’t hesitate to attack cops on an unsuspecting public?

  8. Where are the Judge’s who see this behavior of their peers and DO NOT SPEAK OUT……
    it is time for all of YOU yes Judge’s……….SPEAK OUT

  9. What a bone-headed move! Let’s turn loose on an unsuspecting public a guy who doesn’t hesitate to attack armed cops and has, in fact, done just that at least twice.

    Stupid Judges doing stupid things.

  10. Why? Why are so many Liberal judges around the country so eager to put known violent offenders right back out into society endangering innocent citizens? Why, judges, why.