09/25/2019 – As Act 46 faces Supreme Court challenge, two merged towns face school tax sticker shock

09/23/2019 – House Transportation leader to tour state on bike, bus, rail only

09/20/2019 – Spontaneous crowd in White River Junction honors 9/11 heroes

09/18/2019 –NH lawmakers, Sec State probe Condos on Automatic Voter Registration (AVR)

09/17/2019 – Trump tax breaks could reduce VT housing shortage

09/16/2019 – White House hires State of Vermont cyber-security chief

09/13/2019 – Leahy accepts $1000 from marijuana industry for 2022 primary

09/12/2019 – Gov. Scott: reduce Border Patrol traffic stop zone

09/11/2019 – Remembering when the Green Mountain Boys answered the call on 9/11

09/10/2019 – Alleged Warren carjacker free without bail under law sponsored by Warren legislator, committee chair

09/09/2019 – Disturbance in Bridport raises questions about local hostility towards illegal immigrants

09/06/2019 – Vermont law enforcement prepares for crystal meth influx

09/05/2019 – TJ Donovan’s take on marijuana, abortion, immigration

09/03/2019 – Green New Deal architect says it’s not about climate, it’s about economics

08/29/2019 – Four more nurses join religious discrimination beef about VT hospital abortion policy, lawyer tells Fox & Friends

08/28/2019 – VT’s largest hospital deceptively, unlawfully forced pro-life nurse to help perform abortion, federal civil rights office says

08/27/2019 – Good news: Vermonters paying less for oil, gas – trend may continue

08/26/2019 – Strong Trump stock market helps Vermont public pension funds

08/24/2019 – Do newspapers have a future? I join VT journalism icon Mike Donoghue on Episode 8 of “Travels with Charlie”

08/23/2019 – Headliners: Mobilizing against State of Vermont decision to pay more $$ to Planned Parenthood, one Vermonter takes cue from  First Amendment

08/22/2019 – Vandals steal American flag from Brattleboro post office, then hang it, torn and tattered, from nearby bridge

08/21/2019 – Read ’em and weep! State publishes 2020 school tax rates for every town

08/20/2019 – State of Vermont to give $750,000 to Planned Parenthood to make up for lost Title X revenue – new abortion law cited as justification

08/19/2019 – No guns for cops on patrol, Burlington city councilor suggests

08/15/2019 – Troubled Hong Kong is Vermont’s second biggest goods export market

08/14/2019 – Troubled Windham County gets crucial $$$ from Vermont Yankee, Trump administration

08/13/2019 – Vermont schools tackle student cell phone use with bans, oversight

08/12/2019 – UVM #1 pot school in nation

08/08/2019 – Is Donald Trump a racist? Evaluating what ’45’ has  said and done

08/07/2019 – When Energy Was Expensive and Life Was Cheap – by guest columnist Meredith Angwin

8/06/2019 – Vermont traffic deaths down by almost two-thirds so far this year

8/05/2019 – Top VT News: Youth protest shuts down Montpelier, Hartford Selex face racism, Killington may ban pot stores, No new trial for Bourgoin, & more

8/05/2019 – Black Hartford selectman victim of racial epithets at immigration ordinance hearing

08/05/2019 – Rebecca Holcombe on WVMT at 8:30 AM call-in 888-414-0303

8/02/2019 – VT Water Cooler: Supporter of illegal immigration call African-American selectman “race traitor” and “c–n”

8/02/2019 – Trump coming to New Hampshire? And, Scott praises Trump – twice!

8/01/2019 – Plan for stealth carbon tax enters Phase 3 today

7/31/2019 – F-35, health care costs, gardening on lineup for Vermont Talk Radio Today – Listen & Call In!

7/30/2019 – Unsheltered homeless Vermonters on the rise

7/30/2019 – Water Cooler Today: Top cop & pot foe Anderson resigns; Burlington home median cost $400 K, few are building; thank Trump for VT budget surplus

7/29/2019 – 

 Chick Fil A coming to Williston August 14

7/29/2019 – 

Lineup for Vermont Talk Radio Today – Listen & Call In!

7/26/2019 – 

Water Cooler Today: Bernie’s ripped at the media – so he’s starting his own; $1,882 to stay a night in Barnard; Bader-Ginsburg likes Trump judges

7/26/2019 – 

Interested in resubscribing to Headliners?

07/25/2019 – 

Thanks to Trump tax reform,  “repatriated” corporate tax receipts up in VT

07/24/2019 – 

Water Cooler Top 10: VT man wears Trump hat to impeachment meeting; Climate protest causes car accident; NY bans cat declawing; KFC food fight

07/24/2019 – 

Climate protest causes car accident in Montpelier

07/23/2019 – 

Water Cooler buzz – Bernie a hypocrite? Planned Parenthood in VT out $1 mil thanks to Trump. Health insurers wants double digit hike (again)

07/23/2019 – 

Tuesday climate protest creates lines of idling cars, longer-than-expected car rides

07/22/2019 – 

Talking Trump, impeachment on Dave Gram show tomorrow

07/12/2019 – 

Today’s Water Cooler: hemp growing on State House lawn / Hubbardton, re-enacted / ‘fundamental economic trajectory’ causes VT bond downgrade, & more

07/10/2019 – 

Tunnel vision on carbon reduction leaves VT vulnerable to climate storms

07/09/2019 – 

On a hot, slow day in July, Vermont press is breaking stories

7/10/2019 –

The Absurd Attack on Alexander Acosta

Guest writer John Klar describes how Trump is being blamed for Clinton’s mistakes

07/08/2019 –

Why Protest?

– Guest Op-ed by Mary Daly

07/08/2019 – 

VTrans winners, losers

07/05/2019 – 

Today on Watercooler: Hallquist starts energy company / VSC issues survival plan / Footbridge over I-89 at University Mall etc.

07/05/2019 –

After three  private colleges close, Vermont State College system offers survival plan

07/03/2019 – 

New VT law seeks to stop birth certificate fraud by identity thieves, immigration rings

07/02/2019 – Trump: What’s He Done?

06/28/2019 – 

Heard around the Water Cooler: ban weed-suppressing plastic? Also, your thoughts on Act 250 and Bernie’s ‘free college’

06/27/2019 – 

Hemp isn’t marijuana – but similarities cause problems, raise questions

06/26/2019 –

Drunk truck drivers and ‘expungement’

06/25/2019 – 

Waiting for your comment on: Sanders/Omar will forgive college debt; flying finger of freedom;  insurers can’t deny gender surgery on age alone

06/25/2019 – 

State of VT: insurers can’t deny sex-change surgery due to age only

06/21/2019 – 

Read the latest Vermont news and Vermonters’ comments on Vermont Watercooler

06/21/2019 – 

VT has been issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants since 2014

June 20, 2019 – 

As cost of making power drops 33%, NE consumers still pay highest rate in US

06/18/2019 – 

Guv signs $6.1 billion budget, vetoes medical monitoring

06/17/2019 – 

New “Read and Comment” Vermont news website launched today

06/17/2019 – 

Rep. Welch, business backers decry Trump tariffs

06/14/2019 – 

Medicaid considering covering transgender surgery for youth

06/13/2019 – 

Gov. Scott will sign transportation bill with on-board emissions inspections, climate change spending

06/12/2019 – 

Your feedback: DOC shuns released inmate housing offer, and ‘trauma-informed’ corrections explained

06/11/2019 – 

Gov. Scott vetoes gun control, signs unrestricted abortion into law

06/10/2019 – 

New, ‘trauma-informed’ prisons may be next wave of VT corrections policy

06/07/2019 – 

Phase II of War on Plastics already planned; climate change plays role

06/06/2019 – 

June 5 Chronicle covers all passed bills, low-carbon spending, Act 250 pushback & more – plus your letters

05/31/2019 – 

Legislature budgets millions for alternative transportation projects

05/29/2019 – 

List, descriptions of all bills passed by 2019 Legislature

05/28/2019 – 

After Legislature OKs 11th-hour rail study, Blittersdorf says he wants Barre-Montpelier commuter train

05/24/2019 – 

Analysis: of hamburger meat and the State Budget

05/23/2019 – 

Chittenden County senators oppose nuclear bombers, including F-35

05/22/2019 – 

Barre-Montpelier commuter rail study approved

05/21/2019 – 

Relatively unnoticed bills pass Legislature, go to governor

05/20/2019 – 

With big $$ decisions pending, Legislature won’t meet until Wednesday

05/16/2019 – 

Pot tax increase discussed today, no action taken; AC/refrigerator coolant banned (again)

05/18/2019 –
McKibben influential in Legislature
Wednesday, May 8
New tax would fall on rural forestry industry
Friday, May 3
New pot bill reduces local control, raises THC potency
Friday, April 26
One in seven WA drivers with kids in car test positive for THC
Thursday, April 25
UVM Medical Center backs abortion amendment, laws; defines decision-making process at all stages of gestation
Wednesday, April 24
Pot bill would allow high-concentrate edibles, encourage illcit growers to seek licenses
Tuesday, April 23
House considering Senate bill to add emissions test to car inspection
Vermonters take note: blue state NJ marijuana train was derailed
Monday, April 22
“Co-op” Cultivation loophole plaguing Colorado exists in S54
Friday, April 19
Carbon taxes don’t reduce emissions, nuclear power and natural gas do
Tuesday, April 16
Trump gas pipeline order makes anti-pipeline lawmakers nervous
Monday, April 15
Coverage for Dean flip on pot, nothing for warnings about Colorado
Friday, April 12
Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney warns legislators about legal marijuana
Thursday, April 11
Public hearing April 17 for abortion constitutional amendment
Wednesday, April 10
New ad highlights profit motive of marijuana addiction
Tuesday, April 9
This week in committee:
Former CO US Attorney to discuss tax and regulate impact
Monday, April 8
Bill would require health insurers pay for transgender surgery, including minors
Friday, April 5
Former Capitol security guard: small flags OK
Thursday, April 4
Black market flourishes in ‘tax and regulate’ legal marijuana states
Wednesday, April 3
Committee chairs bangs gavel on silent waving of American flag
Tuesday, April 2
House honors military suicide victims, families, supporters
Monday, April 1
Raising marijuana tax for prevention $$ might decrease revenues
Friday, March 29
Revenue for weatherization already up by $850,000 without doubling Fuel Tax
Firearms expert urges strong turnout at House Judiciary public hearing April 2
Thursday, March 28
Weybridge family visiting Denver finds stench of pot in public “overwhelming”
Wednesday, March 27
Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper soft-pedals rise in marijuana consumption
Tuesday, March 26
NOW: House doubles cost of home heating fuel tax to support weatherization, carbon reduction
Big money quietly buying up Massachusetts marijuana dispensary licenses; could it happen here?
Monday, March 25
After warning from legal expert, committee OKs vague wording of abortion constitutional amendment
Thursday, March 21
Boston Globe bashes Bernie, Shumlin for opposing carbon-free power
Wednesday, March 20
Lancet study: half of Amsterdam’s new psychosis cases caused by potent marijuana
Tuesday, March 19
Senate bills on minimum wage, retail cannabis, and raising smoking age to 21 go to House committees
Faith-based health sharing plans push back against bill that would eliminate
Monday, March 18
Gov Ops to take field trip to weed dispensary before taking up S54, tax and regulation of marijuana
Thursday, March 14
New England greenhouse gas emissions from power down 50% – and the reason may surprise you
Wednesday, March 13
Pastor barred from Senate devotions for year after discussing ‘right to life’
Tuesday, March 12
Senate set to pass bill to ban corporate contributions to political candidates, parties
Lawmakers must fund $60 mil to cover commitments by previous legislatures
Monday, March 11
16-year-old voters could influence marijuana legalization, school spending
Bills in House Committee this week: anti-bias, ‘wanton waste of wildlife,’ mass destruction, etc. 
Friday, March 8
Retail pot bill clears Senate, Colorado governor to discuss “great social experiment” in VT March 23
Thursday, March 7
Ante up! Middlesex Town Meeting allocates taxpayer $$ to climate change lobby group
Wednesday, March 6
House introduces bills at record pace
Tuesday, March 5
Berlin school board member decries forced merger ‘injustice,’ urges Senate to act
Monday, March 4
Constitutional amendment on abortion cover for enforcing ‘economic equality,’ reader says
Friday, March 1
Seven years after FAA approves alternative, Lowell wind lights still blink all night long
Thursday, February 28
Senate pot bill goes to floor; would allow TV, internet ads, permit unregulated small transactions
Wednesday, February 27
New Progressive-backed bills would tax carbon, eliminate fossil fuels by 2050
Tuesday, February 26
Weekly schedule of House Committees: paid family leave, converting prisons to mental health clinics, non-citizen voting
Monday, February 25
VT Digger invites Colorado guv for pot talk
Friday, February 22
New bills would eliminate car inspections, prohibit distracted driving
Thursday, February 21
Roll calls on abortion bill reveal lawmakers’ stand on abortion through nine months
Wednesday, February 20
Attempts to amend H57 failing on House floor; Planned Parenthood warns legislators they will be scored on their votes
Monday, February 18
House Judiciary bills would weaken drug use penalties, limit criminal asset forfeiture
NEW weekly schedule of bills in House committees: “In Committee This Week”
Saturday, February 16
Hango named to Franklin County House vacancy; House bill would repeal religious exemption for immunization
Friday, February 15
House bills would allow deer hunting with crossbows, non-citizen voting in city election 
Fish hatchery closure swimming upstream against popular support
Policy analyst: H57, unrestricted abortion bill, protects abortion over live birth, restricts free speech
Wednesday, February 13 –
Anti-nuclear power Green New Deal hasn’t learned lesson from Vermont
Tuesday, February 12 – 
Unrestricted abortion bill gets OK from one committee, moves to another
Two new Headliners features debut: House Committee agendas, TV show
Monday, February 11
House bills would ban gas pipeline eminent domain, study prison system transformation
Friday, February 8
Senate bill would limit future natural gas pipelines
House retail pot bill introduced
Thursday, February 7
Abortion bill opponents flood State House public hearing
Tuesday, February 5
H-57 would make Vermont even more pro-legal abortion
Legal pot retailers will seek young customers, marijuana commission leaders say
Monday, February 4
Proposed VT law would protect lab rats; no protection for fetuses
Saturday, February 2
Every House bill listed – including downgrade of hard drug possession to misdemeanor
Friday, February 1
Health, Public Safety officials warn senators of deadly dangers of retail pot
Wednesday, January 30
Big public hearing on H57, unrestricted abortion bill, set for Wedneday, Feb. 6
Tuesday, January 29
‘I was misled,’ says former abortion bill sponsor after pulling support; guv not committed
New House bills: define ‘milk’, study sales tax zones near NH, prohibit plastic straws and takeout bags at restaurants
Monday, January 28
House bills would allow gun suppressors for hunting, require voter OK for school sale
Retail pot bill to be discussed this week in Senate Judiciary
Abortion bill opponents wonder if Gosnell could happen here
Friday, January 25
NY Times investigative reporter links heavy pot use with psychosis, violence
Good news from House about computerized car inspection snafu – sort of
Thursday, January 24
Decarbonizing “roadmap” has plenty of potholes, washouts 
Wednesday, January 23
Pushing back against the unrestricted abortion bill
Tuesday, January 22
Senate bills would ban animal testing and sale of animal parts, protect unrestricted abortion
Monday, January 21
House committees to study abortion, immigration carbon plan this week
Abortion bills introduced
Friday, January 18
House bills introduced: new fossil fuel infrastructure ban, 10-cent plastic bags
Bills for unrestricted abortion, immunity for providers introduced
Wednesday, January 16
Rep. Welch declines pay during shutdown, calls Wall ‘costly, ineffective’
Tuesday, January 15
Stowe rep proposes bills to slow school mergers
New House Transportation Chair doesn’t drive, wants more public transit
Monday, January 14
Senate bills require criminal, child abuse background checks for home school teachers
Final report on Act 250 revision requires developers pay carbon offsets
Sunday, January 13
Gun possession would be crime for people subject to relief-from-abuse orders
Thursday, January 10, 2019 
New bills would make workers’ comp cover marijuana, etc.
Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Carbon tax might not reduce emissions, but will raise price of food, Yellow Vesters hear
Tuesday, January 8, 2019
10 ways Vermont can reduce C02 with a carbon tax
Monday, January 7, 2019
Mailbag Monday: parking for Yellow Vest protest, comments on Israel boycott, Act 250 revision
Friday, January 4, 2019
VT Marijuana Commission does NOT endorse commercial pot
Thursday, January 3, 2019
Vermont State Police, under pressure, withdraw from anti-terror training in Israel
Tuesday, January 1, 2019
As Yellow Vest rally approaches, carbon taxation coming at Vermonters from three different directions
Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Trespass at Vermont Yankee
Thursday, December 27, 2018
New Act 250 would require net-zero  greenhouse gas emissions or payment of carbon ‘offsets’
Wednesday, December 26, 2018
While tax commission ponders future of education funding, Scott administration urges another year of school spending frugality
Monday, December 24, 2018
Gov. Moonbeam, heal thyself: CA forest fire carbon emissions almost twice that of all NE electricity
Saturday, December 22, 2018
“Gosnell” producer to speak in Montpelier January 26
Friday, December 21, 2018
NE power experts worry fuel scarcity could lead to winter blackouts
Thursday, December 20, 2018
Pot commission to Legislature: tax-and-regulate needs 26% tax, local option, new Board of Control, effective  roadside impairment test
Wednesday, December 18, 2018
State of VT joins regional carbon pricing plan to cut transportation emissions
Friday, December 14
Act 250 revision takes aim at forest fragmentation, climate change, rural living
Thursday, December 13
State wants more training, creditation, pay for day care workers
Wednesday, December 12
Four ways Vermont can reduce carbon without a carbon tax
Friday, December 7
Feeling the after-bern on Bernie’s jet
Thursday, December 6
Carbon tax opposed abroad, embraced in Burlington
Wednesday, December 5
Justice for family of Vermont DUI-marijuana fatality?
Thursday, November 29
Colorado realtors say marijuana industry responsible for high cost of housing;
homelessness there up 77%, 1/4 of all renters at risk of homelessness
Wednesday, November 28
State economist to Legislature: hot job market will make $15 minimum wage unnecessary
Tuesday, November 27
VT Homelessness on the rise: Rent serfs, ‘trimmigrants’ are factors
Tuesday, November 20
Marijuana Commission to hold ‘listening tour’ – what will Vermonters tell them?

Monday, November 19 

 Nov. 6 Election Day mattered to state, national, global energy policies

Thursday November 15 

Recommended 27% tax on ‘tax and regulate’ pot would help black market, other states

Tuesday, November 14
No stopping VT Legislature: $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, legal pot, gun control
Monday, November 13
‘Reefer Madness’ no joke in legal pot Oregon, where teen psychosis is up
Rep. Maxine Grad

Other Vermont media…..

Watercooler Logo.JPG

Thursday, November 8, 2018
Ozone layer recovering, Washington voters reject carbon tax
Wednesday, November 7
GOP loses veto protection for Gov. Scott
Tuesday, November 6
GOP seeks to maintain veto protection for Gov. Scott in Legislature
Friday, November 2
Task force suggests to study committee Act 250 not strong enough
Thursday, November 1
State fights federal withholding of $2.8 million for “sanctuary” violation
Monday, October 29
Doctors unite to warn against steep cost in pain, dollars of pot legalization
Friday, October 26
Hallquist prefers midwestern wind, says it’s cheaper
Thursday, October 25
Actuary: legal pot will increase everyone’s car insurance
Wednesday, October 24
Media panelists tough on Trump
Monday, October 22
Facebook, Google contribute to VT AG re-election
Thursday, October 18
Immigrant caravan leader is socialist revolutionary
Wednesday, October 17
VT corporate tax revenue jumps 80% thanks to Trump repatriation
Monday, October 14
Chief of New England power grid backs carbon tax, in Red Green fashion
Friday, October 12
Sanders’ veneration of socialist icon Debs may spur 2nd run for president
Thursday, October 11
McKibben: getting it right about global warming?
Wednesday, October 10
Zupan: Sanders an ‘absentee landlord,’ this Senate race is about Vermont
Tuesday, October 9
Missing the point on why Vermonters aren’t buying electric cars
Monday, October 8
Million square-foot marijuana grow in ‘legal’ MA: could it happen here?
Teen Challenge expands recovery efforts for women in sex trafficking, addiction
Thursday, October 4
Carbon tax consultant pooh-poohs loss of 480,000 jobs
Wednesday, October 3
2018 State House Campaign Update
Monday, October 1
As another GOP candidate backs commercial pot, U.S. Attorney in Colo. says ‘just say know’
Thursday, September 27
Thanks to State immigration policy, $2 million to fight drug trafficking on hold
Tuesday, September 25
Author of New Yorker story on Kavanaugh has VT roots, history of negative speculation about conservative Supreme Court nominees
Marijuana Monday, September 24
Republican LG candidate Don Turner backs legal sale of marijuana
Washington Wednesday, September 19
Sanders’ anti-Amazon bill a jungle for Vermont workers
Tuesday, September 18
Green Mountain Care Board lawyer gets biggest state employee “merit bonus”
Marijuana Monday, September 17
31 VT candidates receive pro-MJ political contributions in 2016
Thursday, September 13
Carbon tax really in “Vermont Public Interest?”
Washington Wednesday, September 12
Vermonter praised for 9/11 oral history
Tuesday, September 11
Spreadsheet shows 2016 political contributions to incumbents seeking re-election
Marijuana Monday, September 10
No budget windfall expected from “tax and regulate” commercial pot
Freedom Friday, September 7
Is panhandling free speech? ACLU thinks so
Thursday, September 6
Eighteen large Vermont employers pass along federal tax cuts to employees as bonuses, raises, other benefits 

Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump December 22, 2017, 90 percent of American wage earners have higher take-home pay, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) reported August 2. Companies of all sizes are giving bonuses and raises and expanding the scope of their operations. 

Washington Wednesday, September 5
Vermonters like AWD/4WD cars and trucks, despite MPGs lower than Trump, Obama goals

By Guy Page
Rep. Peter Welch, a member of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, last month blasted an August 2 EPA plan to reduce Obama-era automotive miles-per-gallon (MPG) targets. “Today, President Trump threw into reverse decades of fuel efficiency progress,” Rep. Welch said in an 8/2 press release. “Consumers are demanding greater fuel efficiency in vehicles.”

Tuesday, September 4
Labor Day wholesale power price spikes to $2,454/megawatt hour

By Guy Page

September 4, 2018 – You may have taken it easy on Labor Day yesterday, but our electricity grid worked extra hard to keep the lights on – and boy, does it ever charge for overtime! The wholesale cost of power hit almost $2500/megawatt hour, almost 100 times the normal cost.

Marijuana Monday, September 3
Dems, Hallquist back tax-and-regulate legal marijuana

by Guy Page

Christine Hallquist, Democratic nominee for governor, supports tax-and-regulate marijuana legalization. “Enough research has been done,” she told pro-legalization website Heady Vermont August 3. Tax-and-regulate is needed “with fentanyl-laced marijuana making its way into Vermont,” she added, but did not explain how legalization would help.

Freedom Friday, August 31
Racial threats, college violence, religious/sexual identity tension show a Vermont short of the Norman Rockwell ideal

By Guy Page

September 1, 2018 – The Bennington home of Rep. Kiah Morris is just 17 miles from Arlington, where Norman Rockwell painted his celebrated “Freedom of Speech” in 1943. But this week, Rockwell’s Vermont and the real world that Rep. Morris lives in seemed a continent apart. 

Thursday, August 30

Solar power nice to ratepayers during hot week in July – but what about the rest of the year?

By Guy Page
A recently released study commissioned by solar array installer SunCommon claims solar power reduced New England wholesale power costs by $20 million during a particularly hot week this July. You may have seen the WCAX August 29 news story entitled, “Industry study finds solar saved big bucks during July heat wave.

Washington Wednesday, August 29
Bernie-backed bill would ban bail, discourage pre-trial incarceration

By Guy Page

The Bill to End Money Bailintroduced into the U.S. Congress July 25 by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, would eliminate all use of bail in federal courts, give states money to reduce pretrial detention, and withhold money from states that use money bail.

Tuesday, August 28
Complete list of all Vermont House & Senate August 14, 2018 primary winners
Van Wyck leads slate of successful write-ins for November election

By Guy Page

Incumbent Rep. Warren Van Wyck (R-Addison 3) won the August 14 GOP primary on write-in votes alone. At least seven other would-be GOP lawmakers and four Democrats also won write-in nominations.

Monday, August 27
Pot Commission considers zero tolerance for drugged drivers, concerned about black market, “juuling”

by Guy Page

The Governor’s Advisory Commission on Marijuana may recommend zero legal tolerance for smoking marijuana and driving due to the lack of a reliable roadside impairment test. It fears the black market will continue even if regulated cultivation and sale is legalized. And it recognizes legalization could impact the growing practice among teens of “juuling” nicotine and marijuana.

Wednesday, August 22
EPA pro-coal plan would cut emissions, reduce chance of New England blackout

By Guy Page
August 22, 2018 – The new U.S. Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) plan to reduce coal-fired power plant carbon emissions through operating power plants more efficiently rather than closing them is good news for Vermonters and other New Englanders concerned about possible cold weather-related power blackouts.

Monday, August 20
Colorado governor might consider marijuana recriminalization due to violent crime increase

by Guy Page

Concerned about his state’s 12.5% rise in violent crime between 2013 and 2016, Colorado’s governor would consider recriminalizing marijuana, he told CNN April 20 this year.

Opinion (from 8/20 Caledonian-Record):
Guy Page: Freedom of the Press and Speech (Even the President’s)

President Trump’s tweets and tirades are “the free exercise” of an American citizen. Every slam of him in the U.S. media is an exercise of the “freedom of the press.” Are some of their words abhorrent? Sure. But until Pres. Trump or a successor sends goons to smash the presses or arrest editors, it’s all constitutional. And if the worst does happen, the “originalist” judges Trump is appointing hand-over-fist to federal benches will demand a strict reading of the First Amendment. Either way, the Republic will endure.

Thursday, August 16
Vermont First in illegal northern border crossings

By Guy Page
August 16, 2018 – Vermont leads all other U.S. states in illegal crossings along the Canada/U.S. border, U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan said during an August 15 WCAX-TV interview.

Wednesday, August 15
Three Vermont Legislature incumbents lose seats in August 14 primary

By Guy Page

Vermont House Incumbents Rep. Valerie Stuart of Brattleboro and Rep. Paul Belaski of Windsor were defeated in contested primaries yesterday, according to the Vermont Secretary of State elections website. Also, appointed incumbent Rutland County Sen. David Soucy failed to secure nomination.