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Anti-CRT activist sues state for creating workplace environment hostile to white male

By Guy Page

Vermont state employee and Anti-CRT activist Ben Morley is suing the State of Vermont for creating a hostile work environment by imposing “a race-based authoritarian dogma on him and other state employees,” according to a lawsuit scheduled to be filed today in Vermont Federal Court. 

Ben Morley

The suit alleges that Morley, a vocational rehabilitation counselor with the Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, “has been subject to adverse employment actions by his government employer because of his race and gender. He has been shamed, reprimanded, excluded from assignments and leadership positions, and threatened with termination, because he is a white male.”

Specifically, the suit claims Morley was subjected to mandatory Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) seminars which, in contrast to the virtuous-sounding name, “espoused racist principles, classifying persons by race into dominant (‘privileged’) and subservient (‘lack of privilege’) groups.”

Those actions violate the 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which provides that all persons are created equal under the law, and therefore cannot be treated differently by the government because of their inherent traits, the suit alleges.

Also, the mandatory trainings were unconstitutional religious and political indoctrination imposed by the government defendants, the suit prepared by St. Johnsbury attorney Deb Bucknam alleges. Also, “DVR and the various government defendants are planning to institute an ‘equity audit,’ which will condition Morley’s and his colleagues’ employment on whether they ‘buy in’ to the State’s DEI religious and political credenda.”

Morley also claims he has suffered adverse employment reactions because he has publicly spoken out about the DEI trainings mandated by the State – “a topic of great public interest and concern,” the suit says. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle has reported extensively on Morley’s experience with DEI as a government employee, and his subsequent activism as a critic of DEI in public schools. The following include some of the news and commentary:

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  1. …Do you honestly expect a Vermont Liberal judge to take this seriously…They’ll most likely be besides themselves with laughter. Good luck…(Sincerely).

  2. Ben, I hope you are victorious and compensated generously, as you deserve such. Two decades ago, back when somewhat similar abuses were commonplace, encouraged and used against women in the workplace to discriminate & harass them – I was a victim myself.

    The pain and suffering one endures being singled out and made to feel humiliated and “less than” each and every day was unbearable, and my own perpetrators also were protected and enabled by government but within a large municipality in a different state.

    Hang tough as VT likely plays you and the system to further denigrate, harass, and draw this out (on the taxpayer’s dimes of course!) as proceedings drag on for years! Best to you & SHAME on VT for subjecting ANYONE for ANY reason to this complete crap!

  3. If Mr. Morley has a good attorney and the deep pockets to afford that attorney, his lawsuit will go a long way toward correcting this discrimination. He should set up a go-fund-me page as soon as the court concedes that he has ‘standing’ to make the case.

    • Hopefully, he has found a Civil Rights attorney licensed in VT who has the spine to take this case on a contingency basis – as I don’t see how an average Joe or Josephine could ever fund it, and that is part of what these creeps violating our Constitution bet on now and always have.

  4. You’ve got my back. My workplace has done the same in the past but no one bays an eye. Good luck and keep fighting !

  5. I applaud this effort, but in a state that is left of everything, I don’t hold out much hope that this suit will succeed. Good luck! Every journey begins with the first step. We have a really long way to go…

  6. Perhaps he was threatened to lose his job because he’s not very good at it or has done things to jeopardize his job. It doesn’t sound like he’s being discriminated against.

  7. Poor little white guy. Can you imagine having to do something at work that you don’t want to do?! It must be horrific. Most if us have jobs where we just do what we want all day long, and we never ever have to listen to anything we don’t want to hear. HAHAHAHAHA. Poor little white guys, it’s a hard road to travel.

    • It’s completely irrelevant. He questions whether this kind of indoctrination can be enforced by the state. I’m pretty sure the state of Vermont is breaking a number of laws by mandating this type of training.

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