Cady, Rutland educators to speak on CRT

Vermonters for Vermont Initiative (V4V) will host a public Townhall Informational on public school’s teaching of Critical Race Theory, better known as equity, in the the classroom.

V4V is a organization started in December 2018 to educate all Vermonters on the dangers of Progressives & Democratic public policy plans.

On Wednesday, June 16 at 6:30 pm, six speakers will take to the stage in the Vermont Building at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland for two hours to discuss their experience and knowledge of Critical Race Theory. All of the speakers have direct experiences with the public school teachings and with the introduction of CRT with our children. CRT is also being introduced in many of our public institutions and some businesses.

Proponents claims that it does not harm children, that CRT teaches equity to one another. Opponents argue that CRT is destroying our children and making them think as racist, and pitting race and ethnic groups against each other.
It’s been around since the 1970’s, being taught in many colleges across the nation and it comes from the writings of Marxists.

Speaker for the evening are:
– Elizabeth Cady; Essex-Westford Schoolboard Member.
– Todd Filmore; MRUHS Parent Group Member.
– John Klar; VT. Liberty Network.
– Michael Lannon; Public School Teacher.
– Tricia O’Connor; Rutland City Schoolboard Member.
– Rep. Arthur Peterson; R-Rutland 5-2

The event will be facilitated by Gregory Thayer, “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative. V4V ask that you enter the Vermont State Fairgrounds at the Park Street gates by the Rail Road Tracks across from the Vermont Railways on Park Street.

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  1. CRT THEORY is just That a Theory and UNPROVEN. It is being used to INDOCTRINATE the youth of OUR COUNTRY to Marxist / Communist Ideals. The VOTERS of this once fine state must eradicate by UN electing those preaching such POISON.

  2. On one day the leftist/statist/collectivist contingent is commiserating about how traumatized the children by the COVID pandemic, the Trump Administration, and climate change. Now they want to make all the “white” kids hate themselves. There is certainly a bright future for the counseling and psychology professions and in the pharmaceutical industry producing all the necessary remedies for OCD and traumatic stress disorders. If this national and regional unhealthy obsession with race does not get cured in the next election, we are in for the full Venezuela treatment by the Biden “administration” (or lack thereof). Elections have consequences.

  3. This point is more significant than it might seem: “equity” is a noun.
    Today’s “woke” movement thinks in nouns, rather than verbs or adverbs.
    Marxism also sees things rigidly. Arguments are advanced by assertion. Label something or someone and then extrapolate based on rigidly seen characteristics.
    Thus society and history can be simplified and genuine insight is avoided.

  4. Glad to see you’re undertaking this endeavor. I hope you get a good crowd. All Vermonters need to learn and prepare to stand for constitutional freedoms being taught in our schools. Do make sure it is recorded so your collective insights can be heard in Bennington, Brattleboro, and Beecher Falls, too.

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