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Month: May 2021

HR1 would give feds control over state elections

Voters don’t need a larger federal government lusting for power by subverting our Constitution and undermining state election oversight.  Local election officials take pride in the current process and work closely with state legislatures protecting election security and voter rights.  Democrats thrive on power grabbing; don’t let them.

Baseball & Reconciliation

There was a lump in my throat as I sat in the stands at the Recreation Field when I saw this elderly, slightly overweight man, stroll, with a slight shuffle, to the mound with a borrowed glove on his left hand and toss the ball from the pitcher’s mound to the Mountaineer’s catcher. It was apparent that he no longer had a blazing, big-league fastball, but his pitch, slightly wobbly and off center, did reach the catcher mitt on the fly and was softly embraced. And I instantly thought back to memorable and poignant times of decades ago, when I sat transfixed, watching this ace take on my beloved Dodgers.