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Month: May 2021

Evslin: we may need compulsory vaccination

Right now the unvaccinated are taking a risk with their own lives. Unfairly the final vaccine holdouts will be parasites on the partial herd immunity achieved by the rest of us getting vaccinated and will be danger to those who can’t get vaccinated or have weak immune systems and provide a breeding ground for new variants which could be vaccine resistant. We may still need to make vaccination compulsory.

Septic truck thief found in church

At about 6:37 pm Friday, May 21, the Vermont State Police received a report of a stolen Silloway Septic Truck from a location on East Randolph Road in Chelsea, Orange County. Police say an investigation located the vehicle in East Randolph and developed probable cause to arrest Kevin Bent, 32, on suspicion of using the vehicle without consent of the owner.