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Month: February 2021

Spotlight: Legislature grapples with housing costs, regulations

Legislators are debating how to address the lack of affordable housing in Vermont, coming into conflict with the Scott Administration’s proposals to tackle the problem. While both sides have been keen to invest resources in housing over the past several years, there remains a stark divide over whether or not regulatory burdens need to be reduced in order to lower housing costs.

The Tragic Case of Lisa Miller’s encounter with Vermont Family Court

Last month, after more than ten years in hiding, Lisa Miller surrendered herself to American authorities at the U. S. Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua. Miller, now in custody at the federal detention center in Miami, faces kidnapping and conspiracy charges. She’ll likely be found guilty but, in reality, she’s a victim of bad ideas. A mom, attempting to protect her daughter from her own bad choices and our society’s attempt to redefine marriage, parenting, and the family.

Vermont Liberty Network launched Sunday

Founder John Klar said the Vermont Liberty Network celebrates free speech, the U.S. Constitution and traditional values of Vermont Liberty. “Nothing’s Sweeter than Vermont Liberty” is the slogan of the new network, which Klar hopes to bring together diverse groups including pro-Second Amendment, anti-compulsory vaccination, freedom of religion, property rights, and pro-life organizations. He also said he welcomes dialogue with other groups, such as Black Lives Matters.