Month: February 2021

Baruth says gun carry ban not needed if problem solved by current law – and it is

Police have a tool they can use to immediately correct the problem of a person carrying a firearm into a prohibited place; it allows them to remove that person; it allows them to cite or arrest and at that point they can confiscate weapons. That’s current law today. To quote the lead sponsor one more time: “… if in fact there are other laws that do what S.30 purports to do, then I would say it is a strong argument for not passing it.”

New House bills tackle immunization, cannabis, fishing access use, rent control, police use of force – and more

With a mortality rate rivaling that of baby sea turtles crossing the sand to the ocean, most bills proceed no further than introduction. For a list of all House bills, see the Vermont Legislature website. To contact media and lawmakers about legislation, see Vermont Daily media/legislator contact list in article and Google Doc formats.

Snow goose hunt starts March 11

“The breeding population of greater snow geese has grown from approximately 50,000 birds in the mid-1960s to 714,000 birds today,” said David Sausville, Vermont’s waterfowl project biologist. “This increase has resulted in damage to agricultural crops and marsh vegetation in staging and wintering areas from Quebec to North Carolina. Hunting pressure to date has aided in reducing the population from its high point of just over one million birds during the period of 2000-2010. The Atlantic Flyway has established a goal of 500,000 greater snow geese to bring populations in balance with their habitat and reduce crop depredation.”