Month: January 2021

To survive, Vermont media must court conservatives

Who are the paid conservative editorial writers in Vermont media? What programs at public radio/tv speak deeply, intensely to conservatives? Where are Vermont media’s weekly paid conservative columnists? Conservatives say that you are more likely to find two unicorns mating in your backyard then a paid conservative news/editorial employee at any large Vermont media company.

Vermont Daily publishes media/legislators contact list

As a free service to our readers, Vermont Daily has assembled an online spreadsheet presenting, on one page, the names and email addresses of most Vermont media accepting letters to the editor and op-eds, and the email addresses and districts of all legislators. The list can be accessed from the Vermont Daily home page menu, by clicking on Media/Legislator contact list.

Neurologists’ review asks: is Gun Control really about People Control?

With this background of multiple factors leading to the commission of violent crimes against others, the focus has been concentrated on banning firearms from public ownership rather than understanding the reasons for this criminal behavior. Why? There is the overwhelming evidence that disarming the public from using firearms will not reduce violent crimes and will render people defenseless.

GOP: don’t spend Recovery $$ on mismanaged state programs

Republicans are committed to doing everything in our power to hold the line that our caucus did last year to make sure that as much money as is legally possible goes into the hands of those Vermonters who have been affected. We will avoid the temptation of some to use COVID funding as a way to channel that money back into existing state programs that have struggled because of prior financial mismanagement, not because of COVID and the response.