Month: December 2020

“Fuel sector” Climate Council rep has strong ties with renewable power industry

by Guy Page The Vermont Speaker of the House has selected the general manager of one of the most pro-renewable power members of the Vermont fuel oil industry to serve on the […]

Kicked Off The Front Porch

“I do think FPF has gone overboard in controlling posts—at least our local monitors. Any attempt to have a reasonable discussion on BLM for example, set them off immediately—even when I presented them with pretty outrageous posts in favor of BLM. I think it’s time to move to other social media where free speech is actually encouraged.”

“This is no new battle”

About 50 cold but enthusiastic supporters of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution rallied today in front of the Vermont State House Menorah and Christmas tree Friday. The event was set on the last day of Chanukah to remember the deliverance of a small but determined minority.

Rutland man gets eight years for child porn

An individual cleaning out his mother’s basement in Rutland came upon a box belonging to Hughes. Hughes had stored the box in the basement with the mother’s permission. The individual opened Hughes’ box and discovered VHS videotapes which depicted small children known to the individual engaging in sexually explicit activity. The individual also recognized Hughes’ voice on the tapes.

AG Donovan: fed defense of pro-life nurse “attack” on abortion, violates church/state separation

Significantly, HHS’s notice of alleged violation against UVM Medical Center continues to raise serious constitutional concerns as an attack against the long-established, fundamental right to access abortion services. It also presents serious constitutional issues in light of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which forms the principle of separation of church and state.