Who is Miriam Berry, and why is she challenging Peter Welch for Congress?

On August 11, Vermont Republicans nominated Miriam Berry of Essex Junction as their nominee to challenge longtime incumbent Peter Welch (D). Last week, Ms. Berry, a relative political unknown, emailed the following information to Vermont Daily.

The granddaughter of a Vermont country doctor, Miriam has served the people of Vermont for over 25 years. She started as a nursing assistant and then obtained her LPN. While working full time as an LPN, Miriam earned her RN.

Miriam felt a call to government many years ago. She grew up in a civic-minded Democrat family. She couldn’t wait to turn 18 so that she could vote! Among the recipients of her first votes were Jesse Jackson, Mondale-Ferraro and Bernie Sanders. 

Miriam, however, soon walked away from the Democratic party. She realized that her faith, the way she lived her life and the way she thought about issues were far more conservative. She feels conservative values more closely align with the Constitution.

Today, Miriam Berry RN wants to be your Representative to Congress. She brings the unique perspective of one who knows the hardship of making ends meet while supporting a family. She knows healthcare. She understands the needs of Vermont’s aging population. She is not a career politician. She is one of us.

Miriam on the Issues:
I opposes defunding the police. Those who choose to serve in law enforcement are an essential part of our community. They have my respect and support. 

Vermont’s biggest challenge is how to come back from and thrive in this new pandemic age. It has touched every aspect of our being, from raising children to how we worship to how we pay the bills.

My top priorities include caring for our aging Veterans, price transparency for medical procedures, finding safe ways to return to living & thriving during and after the pandemic. It’s time to heal the divisions and reunite the United States of America.

For more information go to www.berry2020.net.

Recent News

Commentary: Vermont not immune from mob rule mentality

The lesson here is clear. A political party spent several years gaining control of the government and then demanded complete conformity to their ideas. They implemented a concentrated ‘fake news’ machine which relied on the dictum that a lie repeated over and over becomes the truth. Anyone who opposed them were considered undesirable as members of society and were to be deplored and silenced. No dissent of any kind was tolerated.

Bearing the cross, man speaks out on voter disappointment, division, forgiveness

Tuesday morning, January 19 2021, Marcus Szczecinski of Starksboro hefted an eight-foot-tall cross and spoke and prayed on the steps of the Vermont State House about love, forgiveness, unity and repentance. A knot of well-armed state police stood in the background. A small group of supporters listened as Marcus, a Church at Prison ministry volunteer and lay preacher, prayed and delivered a humble, timely message of relevance to Christians and non-Christians alike.

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