LETTER: VT has lowest carbon emissions in state, can’t afford $1 million for H688

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To the editor:

The Vermont Legislature, in passing bill H688,  the Global Warming Solutions Act, will be committing 1 million dollars of state money to set up this bill. The General Fund is facing a 400 million dollar shortfall, and it will only get worse. 

Our income from taxes is way down, the fuel taxes, rooms & meals etc. straight across the board. We have more and more people relying on state money to just survive. Our state Reps and Senators have an obligation of fiscal responsibility to us, and right now, in these uncertain times, that million dollar commitment does not make sense. 

Global warming is a very real and serious threat. Vermont, the lowest carbon producing state in this nation, must be doing something right. As citizens of this state, we need to pay attention to where the legislature is spending our tax dollars, and definitely check out the very serious repercussions of H688. Rural Vermont will cease to exist as we know it. 

Cheryl Cote