Letter: Civil rights movement did little to help the poor – but public bank will

Emily Peyton, GOP candidate for governor, says state-owned bank will reduce huge wealth discrepancy

To the editor:

The systemic problem that Black Lives Matters should be addressing is not racist people who discriminate out of malice but rather the requirement of the powers that be and the monetary system that there be an underclass that is systemically poor.  Racism is promoted by the business as usual system because decrying and protesting racism distracts from the real problem. The civil rights movement made discrimination illegal, but very little has changed for the underclass.  The chronically poor are a necessary component of society if money is to be the controlling factor that automatically and systemically transfers the wealth from the vast majority who create it to the very few who control the banks and the legislatures.  Understanding the underlying issue of why business as usual generates such huge wealth discrepancy is key to solving all the injustice we experience everywhere we look. 

Our common humanity gives us all a keen sense of injustice, and the culture, our education and the media all tell us that the reasons for the injustice is human nature.  Since this is not true of you, you are not racist, you want to work to make things better for everyone, why would you accept that other people are racist or corrupt or greedy?  We all want to dedicate our lives to the transcendent purpose that we feel called to serve, the way we want to do it, and with the ongoing opportunity for continuous improvement.

Emily Peyton is running for Governor of Vermont in order to address the underlying, systemic problem, which is the misallocation of money.  A Public Bank would redirect a huge amount of money away from private interests back to the people of Vermont which could fund their creativity. A People Exchange would provide the means of exchange to represent the value of all the goods and services that Vermonters provide to each other, and the dollars would be preserved to pay for all the things that come from out of state.  With no shortage of money Vermonters would be able to fund everything that the people agree would be good.

Neighborhood Councils and People’s Assemblies will be necessary in order for the people’s desire for virtue to come to expression.  Convening Neighborhood Councils and People’s Assemblies will give all of us the opportunity to describe what we would like to do to create a virtuous economy and culture if we had the money needed.  Emily understands the ways in which we can create a just monetary system, one that serves to create the cultural, social and economic conditions which the people agree would serve their desire for self actualization and a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society.  

Everything that we need in order to create the world that we all know in our hearts is possible exists and is available to be developed when there is no longer a shortage of the means of exchange.

Emily will lead us to the better world.  TRUTH MATTERS.

John Root

Campaign Manager for Emily Peyton