Gov. Scott signs racial bias, excessive use of police force bill

Governor Phil Scott announced actions on the following bills, passed by the Legislature. Bills with a corresponding message to the Legislature are noted below and messages are attached.

On July 13, Governor Scott signed bills of the following titles:

  • S.219, An act relating to addressing racial bias and excessive use of force by law enforcement
  • S.338, An act relating to justice reinvestment
  • S.339, An act relating to miscellaneous changes to laws related to vehicles
  • S.342, An act relating to temporary workers’ compensation amendments related to COVID-19 (see attached letter)
  • H.552, An act relating to the Vermont Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pollution Control Revolving Fund
  • H.572, An act relating to the Maternal Mortality Review Panel
  • H.716, An act relating to Abenaki hunting and fishing licenses
  • H.754, An act relating to restructuring and reorganizing General Assembly staff offices
  • H.837, An act relating to enhanced life estate deeds
  • H.956, An act relating to miscellaneous amendments to alcoholic beverage laws

The Governor has now acted on all bills passed by the Legislature to-date. To view a complete list of action on bills passed during the 2020 legislative session, visit

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