Op-ed by Lawrence Zupan: American history built over generations, torn down in minutes

How oddly ironic that those who would destroy and rewrite our American history by tearing down our monuments, actually try to repackage their mob rule actions with the fig leaf of something they like to call “justice”.

No, you criminals! Here is justice: If you believe that a monument ought to be removed, it’s not just your self-serving and hateful little opinion that matters. The whole of our society has paid in blood and generations of history and treasure to bring us to where we are now. Decency and the respect you lack require you to bring it up as a referendum so that your fellow citizens can weigh in on the subject.

But do you know why I know that this idea is almost laughably never going to happen? Because the pedigree of the lawless vandals and desecrators of America is the totalitarian tyranny of their Marxist forebears whose very genesis was the ‘revolution of terror’ as directed by Karl Marx. These re-writers of history don’t care about any voice or opinion which may be different from theirs. 

Destroying historical monuments is nothing new. It is a time-tested tyrannical tactic recently refined by the Taliban, who copied the Nazis. After all, how much easier is it to re-write history after you have obliterated the monumental records of same? 

Clothed in the tattered lies of social justice, these vandals spit on the graves of those who have come before them, whose shoes they are not fit to shine, as well as in the faces of everyday American citizens who revere and cherish the lessons we have learned and the benefits we have received from our American history.

In proving the lie that the vandals are only after Confederate figures, the toppling of a statue of none other than George Washington, whose face was first wrapped in a burning American flag before the statue was pulled down. This rips the pretense off the flimsy rationale that cowardly thugs are merely opposing questionable figures. This is a vicious and transparent attempt to tear apart the very founding of our country. The boundlessness of the mobs’ historical illiteracy has been reflected now in innumerable anti-slavery heroes’ statues also being desecrated.

As if to prove that appeasement as practiced by the Governor of  New York (referring to statue desecration and vandalism as “a healthy expression”) merely invites worse behavior, one sweet luminary of the left has now called for the destruction of all statues of Jesus Christ, as he is just too white for his taste. Can you tell me where this will end?

But this is no surprise. The demonic desperados of the America haters have now pulled out all of the stops and are no longer settling for political correctness. Political correctness as practiced all these years, has just been spring training and warmup pitches for what comes next. Political correctness since 1990 has merely been the designed weakening of the levies of national principles and pride in order to enable the flood of frenzied fascism to overwhelm the banks of civil American society. These deluded souls seek nothing less than the destruction of America. And a significant number of them don’t even realize they are being used as ideological cannon fodder, imminently disposable when these “useful idiots” have outlived their value to their puppeteers.

If lawmakers and law enforcers and Governors everywhere don’t step up and prevent, through whatever lawful means is necessary, this ongoing destruction of America, it will soon be too late. Prevent, detain, arrest and incarcerate these lawbreakers.

Do it now.

There is no tomorrow on this issue. The barbarians have already passed through the gates.

Lawrence Zupan

The author, a Manchester Center resident, was the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2018.

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  1. you’re so good at fomenting opposition to the racial justice movement with your false and worn out cold war rhetoric that it’s patently laughable and pathetic – how many opinion letters did you write to express outrage at the public execution of george floyd, a living flesh and blood human being and not a carved piece of stone

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